Greetings all,
I just wanted to give you all a quick update on some of our Wana outreaches so you can be praying.

One of our outreaches is the village of “Kaju Poli” which means “Oak Tree”. This outreach is very difficult to get to and was stalled out due to the helicopter being down for repairs for a number of months. The people of “Kaju Poli” have had a tremendous desire to be taught the gospel and told us that if we didn’t get someone there soon then they would look elsewhere for someone to come and teach them. Our church leaders took this very seriously and three weeks ago while we were still in the tribe they sent a team of men by helicopter over to reassess the situation and to start making plans.


The team of men the church sent to Kaju Poli three weeks ago to assess the situation…….Standing at “Oak Tree”. Don’t mind the writing on the shirts and hats….they buy colorful shirts and hats at the market and have no idea what the writing says. I am not sure the shirt and hat factory knows what they wrote either Smile

Up to this point the evangelistic teams working there had only been traveling back and forth itinerantly, but the church leaders determined it was now time that they move a number of families there permanently. On Tuesday, May 3, our pilot will be flying three Wana families over to begin work with this group of people. They are going by faith and planning to build houses and live permanently with these people until such time a church can be established. They have no promised support or income and are depending completely on the Lord to meet their needs while there. The different Wana churches are already discussing ways in which they can get behind these families. We would appreciate prayers for them as they take this giant step of faith.

Besides this outreach we also have continuing outreaches in the villages of “Watu Buya”, “Rato Nangalele, and “Kawedo”. The village of Kawedo already has a number of believers, many have been studying and seemingly close to making decisions for the Lord, and 4 new families wanting to begin studying God’s word. All of these teams need our prayers as they take the gospel to these areas and expand the reach of the Gospel in Wana land.

Thanks for being a part,

Ed n Jeanne Casteel

One of our Pastors on the left, and the two on the right are two of our fellows who have just finished missionary training. They stopped by our village on their way home to give us a report on their visit in Kaju Poli.