He is Risen–He is Risen indeed!! We have been saved from the penalty of sin through the cross and delivered from its power through the resurrection! What a joy to know we are free in Christ!


And what a privilege to help bring that freedom to others! We continue to see marvelous victory and freedom being produced in the lives of our students. Some recent examples:

  • My Christian Family students experienced great insight and growth through learning God’s design for the family and facing the hurts of the past so they can embrace a joyful future. The class ended with our “final” where Sarah and I brought them to our home, fed them breakfast, and washed their feet (as per John 13) as a vivid reminder that servanthood is the underpinning of all healthy Christian relationships, especially the family.
  • We had our “second annual” Confession Chapel a week ago and were amazed at the courage and transparency of our students to acknowledge their sin and struggles and receive support from the whole IBC community (this will be the focus of my Spring prayer letter in just two months).
  • Three staff and all the full-time students just spent a week in Southern California on and near the Soboba Reservation. They served and ministered in an amazing number of ways. Lots of pictures of this are posted to IBC’s Facebook page.

Thank you for your prayers and support! Would you pray with us that more students would be able to take advantage of the tremendous blessing that comes from being an IBC student? Below is an invitation to join us for a day of prayer and fasting on April 9th for student recruitment; there is also a prayer guide. Please consider joining with us that day in any way you can.

Also, this weekend I am flying to Alberta, Canada to spend time with another Native mission. I will be joining in their men’s retreat and building relationships with them for future collaboration. Please pray for my trip and—as always—for Sarah and the kids while I am away for four days.

Again, thank you for making it possible for us to serve Jesus here at IBC by training Native leaders. We appreciate you!

Jason and family


PRAYER GUIDE for IBC Day of Prayer and Fasting

You are encouraged to fast in whatever way the Lord leads you, such as: juice fast (drinking only juice to keep blood sugar up), abstaining from just one meal, doing a 24- hour fast (6PM Wednesday to 6PM Thursday), etc.

 For full-time recruitment:

  • Thank the Lord for the larger student body over the last few years.
  • Pray for the six students currently working on applications.
  • Pray for at least 15 more new or transfer students to apply for fall semester; pray that they would resist Satan’s schemes to oppose their pursuit of full-time studies.
  • Pray that we could resolve our current challenges with our website, which is one of our main recruitment tools.
  • Pray for the efforts of Daniel Esplin (Director of Admissions) to develop trusting relationships with Native ministry leaders and for his upcoming recruitment travels (Montana and Missouri).

 For extension studies recruitment:

  • Thank the Lord for a great new extension program called the Christian Ministry Certificate (CMC). Also give thanks for the five students pursuing the CMC (most in Flagstaff).
  • Pray that the Lord would bring the info on the CMC to dozens of potential students that want to grow and be trained without leaving where they live; pray that Satan’s distractions would be ignored and that they would follow through.
  • Pray for the Lord’s wisdom for IBC as we continue to develop the online offerings of these classes.
  • Pray for Josh Manning (Director of Extension Studies, New Mexico Region) and his efforts to recruit students and offer classes in Albuquerque and Window Rock.

For accreditation work*

  • Thank the Lord for acceptance into “Applicant Status” with the Association for Biblical Higher Education in Feburary 2014.
  • Pray for the writing of the self-study document this summer, that it would be sufficient to see IBC accepted into “Candidate Status” in February 2017.
  • Pray for Academic Dean Kevin Newman’s leadership of the accreditation process, that he would lead with wisdom and boldness.

 *The lack of accreditation is the greatest single practical obstacle to effective student recruitment and retention.