Dear Team Members,

As we started this letter it was Food Friday.  I was going to say the day that changed the world, but without Easter Sunday or Resurrection Sunday there is no hope, but Jesus Christ did rise from the dead, so we have an eternal hope for which we are so thankful!!

February 28th we went to see Charlie’s Mother again up in Thomasville, Georgia.  She was in the hospital and had been given 12-24 hours to live as she had a bad urinary tract infection and dehydration.  She was doing really well, so we came home on March 3rd.  We expected her to return to the Nursing Home, but on the 6th she had a bad turn and was not expected to live.  We returned on the 7th.  Charlie’s sister Terri and her husband Shannon and her daughter Mindy and her husband Mike came, as well as Charlie’s brother David.  Our son Raymond was able to drive out from Kansas, which was a BIG help as Mom began Hospice and her last days.  She knew us all for many days, which was a blessing.  Family needed to go back home, but Charlie and I were able to stay until Mom passed into the presence of the Lord on March 19th.  Our dear friends Carl and Lee live not far from there and have always opened their home to us so we were blessed by their continued hospitality.   We were able to return home on Friday March 22nd.  Mom’s faith was in Jesus Christ as her Savior so even though we dearly miss her, we know she is now with our Lord and Savior and one day we will be together in Heaven!  Charlie’s Father died in WWII on March 19th, 1945, three months before he was born.  We were told by Grandma Case years ago that his Dad had also put his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior so one GLORIOUS day he will also see his Dad.

We can see now why the Lord had us return the end of January, earlier than we expected from our long trip to see as many supporters, family and friends as possible.  When we saw Mom on January 28th she was doing really well and we had a lovely visit, then we were able to spend extra time in her last days with her.

We have been extremely tired and sometimes feel like we are in a fog, but each day we continue to be encouraged. Your love, prayers, emails, cards, and words of encouragement have meant so much to us!  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being part of our lives and the lives of those we love.  The bond we have in Christ is precious!

On April 16th, our daughter Esther, her husband Ricky, and their daughter Desirae are coming for a visit for a few days which we so look forward to!

We saw a sign each day as we drove to see Mom on which were these words – “BEYOND EXPECTATIONS”.  Yes, the joy set before us of spending eternity in Heaven with our savior Jesus Christ is “BEYOND EXPECTATIONS”!

Laborers Together,

      Charlie & Cherrie