“March madness” in the Sepik revolves not around basketball but our beloved Sepik conference – 1st prep for conference, including nearly all our missionaries arriving early to have their home schooled kiddos participate in the annual evaluations / testing, and their expo evening of entertaining the rest of us.  From that we cycle into consultants meetings, each tribal team getting their time with all the language, translation, church planting & literacy consultants to hash over the past year and anticipate what’s ahead.  Then comes the big event — Conference!  A whirlwind 5 day “family reunion” with fellowship, great teaching, lots of fun, and just generally enjoying being together.  Departures drag out over the ensuing days til again silence reigns and all the local support team missionaries disappear back to their allotted ministries to play catch up in all the duties that have accumulated during the conference days.  Suddenly March is over and April’s ahead …


April too will fly by.  One week I’ll be in the highlands of PNG for meetings with the other Literacy consultants.  Once back from those meetings I anticipate being flat out in the Tribal Resource Center, doing all the last minute printing for anyone who wants materials produced.  At present I have lots of potential orders  – but NO files – though people keep inquiring if they can get one last “little” project done before the office closes.

Yep.  I’m closing up shop as HA’s ahead!  (HA = Home Assignment – formerly called “Furlough”)   May 10th will be my last official day in the office, giving me 2 weeks to pack up my house before heading home!  Currently I’m still trying (note: TRYING) to repress all thoughts of HA time.  The only imminent reality of it will be shipping Callie off this week to her REAL owners who have moved to a location where hopefully killer dogs won’t make short work of our favorite feline.

At present there’s no one committed to take on some of my various ministries while I’m away.  Tribal printing projects can be covered by the print shop in the Highlands which will be staffed as of sometime this summer so I can leave with a clear conscience on that score.  Other literacy consultants will be available if any of the Sepik teams have questions or hit snags.  Please do be praying though for someone to do:

  • hospital liaison work when citizens from our “rural” locations need to come to town.
  • Wednesday Bible study with the ladies who work here on our center

This update is uncharacteristically short but be assured, next month’s will be full of HA plans & prayer requests!  Until then – my grateful thanks to all of you for your prayers and support which have made these PNG years possible.  Special appreciation goes out for your standing with me thru the recent years of economic downturn.  I know many of you are drastically cutting corners there so that the work God has committed to us here can continue.  He will certainly remember all your sacrifices and your labors of love that make it possible for our ongoing involvement with His people here, helping them to know and grow in their knowledge of and love for our precious Savior!

Co-laboring with you for the King!

Hope Sharp