Dear Friends,
  We are so thankful for the resurrection of Christ. His payment for sin was complete and accepted by the Father.
  This orchid decided to open up for Easter. It is the first time that it has blossomed. The Lord is opening new opportunities to minister too. We have three pastors’ seminars scheduled so far this year. We want to see these pastors encouraged and challenged to more fruitful ministries.


Our little print shop here has been closed temporarily, so we sent our newest book to a printer in America to have a proof copy printed. It is a great tool for building Christian character. When we receive the proof copy, we’ll check through it and make sure it is okay and then order some books to be printed and shipped out here.


This is Moses and his granddaughter standing next to a stack of lesson books which finally arrived and cleared customs. We don’t have any equipment to be able to take containers off of trucks while they are full, so we had to empty the container, lower the container to the ground, set it in place on concrete pillars and then refill the container with the 20,000 books and 2,000 sets of illustrations. We have done up small bundles of the 4 books that make up Courses 1-3, and have sold several already.


We hope to take a home assignment about this time next year. We kind of dread all that that entails with finding a vehicle, housing, taking long trips, etc. but we look forward to seeing folks again and reconnecting.

In Christ’s love,

Jim & Kathy