March was definitely not a trouble-free month. It seemed as though the school was under attack from all sides, but when the dust cleared, Christ was victorious! In addition, as a result of the attacks, I think the school is stronger and more unified as the students participated in extending grace to a repentant fellow student who had fallen into sin. While this was certainly a painful experience for all of us, there is no better way to teach such concepts as discipline within a community of believers, the need for public repentance when there has been public sin, and the ultimate goal of restoration. The hard lesson of consequences, even after repentance, has also been agonizingly modeled in our midst.

One of our adjunct professors who was teaching a full load of classes took seriously ill and had to return to Ohio. He has been trying to complete his courses via Skype, but it has not been easy for either the students or the professor.

A second student underwent a traumatic experience and returned home to find healing and refreshment.

On the other hand, both student groups have returned safely and triumphantly from their respective ministry trips. I hear the teams worked in unity and effectiveness both on the Shoshone Reservation in Nevada and on the Yavapai-Apache Reservation an hour south of Flagstaff. Thank you for your prayers.

April starts the beginning of the end of this school year. I continue to teach Personal Finance, plus the music classes, and will also be overseeing another new course called, Creative Ministry Methods. We will utilize a variety of instructors for classes on song writing, drama, art, sketchboard evangelism, creative writing, using media in ministry, and storytelling as an effective method of communicating biblical truth (seems as though Jesus had a good handle on this one!).

Please keep praying for us that God will be glorified through the school even while the forces of darkness attempt to destroy it.

Pray that I would be effective in teaching and mentoring, and thank you so much for standing with us!