Greetings all!

I have been wanting to get out an update for over a week but the internet at our mission home was down for some time before we were able to get it running again – welcome to this side of the worldSmile. The week before last we enjoyed a consultant trip out to the island to the east and enjoyed getting to spend some time with our missionary team there which is made of three of our Wana families and a single lady from Germany.

As you can see below we didn’t have use of the helicopter for this trip as our pilot was away, but boats work too! This past week we have been involved in meeting with another missionary team and also working together with our Wana team doing Bible curriculum development. I flew to the capital city this morning and will be departing for the USA early tomorrow morning. We will appreciate your prayers as I embark on this long flight and as Jeanne drives down to the Lincoln airport on Monday. This has been another wonderful trip and so glad for the opportunity to be involved in this great work. We thank you for being a part too!


Ed n Jeanne



The boat we boarded across to the island


The rudder mechanism…….I hope it holds together.

Departing at sunset

Meeting with the missionary team

The missionary team

Working on lessons for the book of Jude

Our Bible lesson development team