Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Thank you for your faithful prayers and financial support during our retirement years. Thank you pastors for being faithful to your calling and preaching the Word.

We never anticipated that we would be alive when Jesus returns. However, it could very well be possible with the world events that are unfolding before our eyes, daily. Could today be the day when the trumpet of the Lord will sound to take us to be with Him? Are you ready for His return? God is wanting each of us to draw closer to Him as the genuineness of our faith is being put to the test.

We have begun teaching another set of Intentional Parenting classes. We know that the devil is working against everything that the church is trying to do, but Jesus’s work is finished! We are hearing some positive feedback from some of those parents who have completed the classes. Strong families make strong churches! Praise the LORD!

Our church has designated the first Wednesday of each month as a day of fasting and prayer. If you have any prayer requests, we would like to include them in our prayers. Please reply to this email and let us know!

Please continue to pray that our witness to our lost neighbors and friends would bring forth fruit. One of those neighbors asked if we would let him paint our truck. It is an ongoing project. We are doing the prep work, and he is doing the spraying.

Our friend Soma, in Papua New Guinea, writes to us daily. She was instrumental in starting a school in that remote Sepik River area. There are now six others who help to teach the children. She recently rewarded each of her Learning to Read class students for reading and reciting Bible verses. Each student received their very own empty water bottle. The children all cheered and jumped for joy. Life in a remote jungle area is much different than being near a town school with stores and public utilities.

Sandy’s dad just celebrated his 88th birthday! He says that it is his 17th birthday with 71 years of experience. He continues to enjoy good health, has a good sense of humor, and he still lives on his own.

We have seen six of our Christian friends go be with the Lord in the past month. We were able to attend two of the services. One was for a friend’s husband. We first met this couple when Sandy was a new 18-year-old bride, when we first got married. Our daughter, Stephanie, told us the other day, “Her influence in your lives has overflowed into my life and the lives of my children!” Who are you mentoring?

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt