Greetings from Arizona,
What a glorious season this is to witness the changing of the leaves, cooler nights and warmth of the wood stove first thing in the morning. With the windy days we’ve experienced lately I have 4-6 weekends ahead of me of raking pine needles in order to have the property cleaned up before snowfall. Tis the season!

Indian Bible College (IBC) happenings:

We’re halfway through the fall semester and overall the students are doing well as they continue to build community, engage with their classwork, work hard on their life coaching goals and process well in their spiritual formation groups.
Thank you for praying for the “Kickoff Kampout”, which took place at the end of September. The trip was a big hit, providing a deeper sense of bonding and unity for the students as they spent 3 days camping near the Grand Canyon. This particular activity in our school calendar is especially helpful to the freshman students as they develop friendships with one another and get to know the upperclassmen. The students typically rave about simply getting off campus for a few days after 5-6 weeks of completing the initial grind of the school year. Praise God for the relationship-building opportunities through hikes, games, singing, sharing, etc.
A video was created by one of our students and a graduate intern, which highlights the Kickoff Kampout. Here is the link to the 3-minute video:

Volunteering at IBC takes place both during the school year and through the summer months resulting in IBC not having to outsource the majority of the needs to contractors, etc.  Please pray specifically for the summer months of 2024 to be filled with volunteers for both the new and ongoing projects IBC has happening on our campus. Since we don’t teach summer classes, this frees up most of our campus housing allowing us to host teams while they volunteer. Thank you for your prayerful consideration. Here is the school’s announcement:
Indian Bible College has a longstanding tradition of partnering with volunteers to achieve our mission of training and equipping Native students for biblical ministry and spiritual leadership to their people and the world. Volunteers play an integral role in helping each student graduate debt-free!
IBC welcomes volunteers from the community and around the country to help complete on-campus work projects such as painting, landscaping, electrical work, and remodeling throughout the year. Entrusting these projects to volunteers ensures that the cost of maintaining and updating school facilities is not passed on to the students.
Would you prayerfully consider serving on IBC’s campus this summer?
IBC is facing a deficit in volunteer help this year – would you prayerfully consider volunteering as an individual or bringing a group to serve on campus? Projects are available for a wide variety of skill levels and time commitments, as well as opportunities to connect with staff and students by attending chapels and other campus-wide events. Please email info@indianbibl​ if interested in serving, or with any questions.
IBC has launched a prayer campaign for the expansion needs of the school. We’re hoping to acquire multiple properties in order to tie the campus together and to make it safer to walk from one end of campus to the other.
Currently, there are 6 homes that we’re trusting the Lord to allow us to make offers on. The bottom line is that we need more housing if we are to have more students be a part of IBC.
Please pray along with us for this aspect of expansion – Lord willing!
Thank you for your prayers. May the Lord bless you!