Thank you!

Thank you so much for your love, prayers, and gifts! We are deeply grateful for your partnership with us in reaching the Hewa tribal people with the love of Jesus. Thank you!

As we have been living in South Carolina caring for Susan’s father, we have been blessed to be able to continue moving forward with ministry efforts for our tribal friends in Papua New Guinea. I am thankful to report I was able to draft the entire book of Daniel in my ‘home office’ and am now revising teaching lessons for our church leaders. Susan is pleased she can continue teaching missionary children as an Educational Therapist with the aid of ZOOM. We are waiting on the Lord for clarity about when we will be able to return to full-time ministry in PNG.

In the meantime, I have been making plans to make a month-long trip to the Hewa tribe immediately after Christmas. I have been talking together with individuals who have shown interest in forming a work team to fly to our village and construct another double-classroom building for our Christian school. I am very pleased to report that missionaries in PNG have helped me locate and purchase the rest of the construction supplies needed for this project, and have stacked lumber and plywood at the airport in town while waiting for airplane shuttles to fly them to the village. I am grateful for the team of missionaries who have done an amazing amount of work to prepare for the arrival of the work team, and so very happy for the many people who have sacrificially donated toward the classroom project.

Our lead school teacher and his wife have flown out to the coastal town of Lae where they are expecting their first baby! That leaves five teachers taking the students through the end of the school year (He posted the above picture on his Facebook page when he arrived in town).

Here are a few pictures that show progress from the first dirt-floored classroom buildings until now.

The village Chrstian school officially started in mid 2020, with one paid teacher trying to juggle three grades, using the plank benches on dirt floors of our church building, with curtains seperating rooms.

The first dirt-floored classroom had axe-hewn planks for siding and sego palm fronds for roofing, and the children held their books on small scraps of plywood resting on their laps.

We built a corrugated roofed school house and the boys cut planks to be used as desks

Because of many generous donations we were able to build two double-classroom plywood-floor steel-sided buildings—the first in October of 2022, and the second in December.

The teachers for the little village school are now covering grades K-5 with nearly 90 students, and we hope to add sixth grade in January, if a team can construct the third school building. We are deeply grateful for each person who has helped to pay teachers wages and purchase building materials. Thank you so VERY much!!!

Thank you for your love and prayers,

Jonathan, Susan & Mikenna

If you would like to donate toward the Christian school you may send your gift to the regular Ethnos360 address in Florida (312 W 1st St Sanford, FL 32771), and include a note to have it forwarded to the Jonathan Kopf Hewa Ministry account in PNG # 416228.

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Jonathan wrote a book about some of their experiences in the deep jungle of Papua New Guinea. You can order the book here:

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