Greetings all,

Getting ready to depart for Wana

Wow, what a trip! I want to thank each of you for your prayers while I was gone. It was a “packed full” time, to say the least, both spending time with our precious Wana brothers and sisters along with making numerous consultant visits with our missionary teams serving in the region.

A great weekend with the believers in “Sugar Cane Head”

I was blessed to spend a three-day weekend with our first Wana church in the village of “Sugar Cane Head.” This is the church responsible for spearheading the large outreach in “Lone Rock.” It was a blessing to meet with the church leadership and also to have opportunity to teach there over the weekend. Then the following Monday we flew to the village of “Flat Plain” where we would hold our semi-annual Wana Bible conference. The attendance was huge. Our helicopter pilot made over 20 shuttle flights in all to get people and rice flown in! This was the first Bible conference attended by some of our folks from the village of “Chosen Water.” These folks are still not believers but wanted to come and see what a Bible conference was all about. Our evangelists told them they were invited to come and all they would need to do is cut a landing pad for the helicopter. They did so reluctantly thinking that “no way” would the helicopter ever show up. What a delightful surprise to find out we meant what we said when the helicopter indeed showed up and shuttled a number of them to the conference.

Inductive Bible Study at the Bible Conference

We had a great time at the Bible conference slowly working our way the the book of Joshua. We have been helping them with “inductive Bible Study” and so neat to hear them sharing together different things the Lord was showing and teaching them from these Scriptures. It is SO NEAT to see what God is doing in Wana as new outreaches continue to spring up. God is definitely doing something very special there. I departed the capital city on Thursday morning at 6:30 a.m. headed for the USA. About 30 hours later I arrived at our regional airport here in Grand Island Nebraska, being met by Jeanne. I had a super time, but yes, it is always good to get home. None of this could have been accomplished without your help. Thanks so much for being a part through your support and prayers.

God Bless,

Ed n Jeanne

One of my National co-workers on the left and a believer from the village of White Rock to the right. This fellow “Apa nSunu” is from a different dialect of Wana. When we first moved into Wana years ago he and his family were very fearful of us missionaries.
Not anymore 😊. Now a fellow believer and co-worker in Christ. (taken at the Bible conference)