Greetings from Arizona,

I apologize for my delay in sharing ministry news from here at Indian Bible College (IBC) these past two months. Time has flown by with the start of the school year being extremely full, especially with processing financial aid for all of our students, as well as juggling my own health issues with appointments, etc. I would appreciate continued prayers for answers to why my body is producing too much calcium. Thank you!

We currently have the largest student body on campus since pre-COVID pandemic days. It’s exciting to have a full campus even though there’s a “busting at the seams” feel for our student housing, classrooms and chapel services.
This seems like a very good problem to have, but we’re praying through how to meet the housing needs in particular. I will share more about that in an upcoming update. In the meantime, please pray for God’s provision.

New Students

In August we had 9 new students join us full time at IBC. They come from 3 different states (AZ, NM, MT) as well as Saskatchewan, Canada. The nine new students represent 4 different tribes (Navajo, Blackfeet, Cree and Makwa Sahgaiehcan First Nation), as well as 2 non-Native students.

Many of the new students have asked for prayer regarding getting to know new people, fitting in with the IBC community and establishing healthy study and time management habits. Thank you for lifting them up.

Spiritual Battle

In the last 8 weeks there have been a number of different types of spiritual battle situations that have taken place with students and staff. The enemy clearly does not want the love of Christ to transform lives or that the students be placed in situations where healing and truth may set them free from past wounds. We are constantly aware of the attacks of the enemy and ask for prayer coverage in this regard for everyone to be surrounded by truth from the Spirit and God’s Word. Light overcomes darkness and truth will always prevail over lies. May our students be living in the light and fixing their eyes on Jesus every day, along with putting on the “armor of God” knowing they are victorious through Christ.

Kickoff Kampout

At the end of our first 5 weeks of the semester the students and spiritual formation staff and mentors get away from campus for several days/ nights to camp, build community, and connect with their small groups to process all they’ve learned thus far in the school year. Please pray for healthy dynamics as the students get to know each other more deeply and for each one to have a special connection with Jesus while enjoying His creation.

I appreciate your prayers and interest in this ministry. My plan and prayer is to send you more regular updates, so you’ll hear from me soon.

God bless you,