Running with God’s Dream

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“How beautiful upon the mountains are the feet of him who brings good tidings, who publishes peace, who brings good tidings of good, who publishes salvation, who says to Zion, Your God reigns!” Isaiah 52:7 AMP.

My Journey still Continues……


It was an awesome privilege to serve in NIKO 2023 after a pause for four years. On July 10, we welcomed 15 participants at NIKOland, who came with mixed emotions. Some, because it’s their first camp. We only had six staff members which seemed daunting, but with God we did it. After pausing for so long, for me it was like re-learning some parts of the camp. Thanks to the Holy Spirit who brought back important details to my remembrance

Please journey with a few of our campers as they capture their experience:

“My experience at NIKO was very interesting for me. It exposed me to a lot of things I never thought of doing or saw myself doing.”

“My experience at NIKO would be expressed as a “rollercoaster of emotions”…….today I can look back and say NIKO changed me, I learnt so many things but most of all I learnt that when you are given a task, especially from God just to do what you have to do and focus on it despite the challenges, whether it be a teammate being uncooperative or someone disrespecting you, because sometimes all people want is a reaction and when you give them what they want it doesn’t make the situation better. So I can honestly say today NIKO does change and form you into a better person.”

“The experience I have at NIKO camp was wonderful, I learn many new things that I’m using in my day to day life. First I learn that God will always be there for you no matter what happened, he will be there in the bad and good time you just have to call on Him. Second I learn if you call on God, He will always find a way for you.”

“So my experience at NIKO camp was easy but exciting. We did four workshops: emotional, physical, spiritual and mental. It was easy for me because half the things I did at NIKO I did at home already and before I got to NIKO I didn’t know what a team was I only did have an idea of what a leader was and for the emotional workshop it was hard to place your trust in persons who you’ve call your team members it was very hard to trust someone who you’ve just have met so at that point I felt like I could trust myself but in all the workshops which I have done I realized that I have rely on my strength and God to brought me through. But one thing positive I have learnt at NIKO camp is that yourself as an individual you can reach far but with a team you can reach further as you go.”

Fern Forest Eco Camp

It was a pleasure once again to serve at the Fern Forest Eco Camp which was held August 8 – 11. There were over forty-five children ages 6 and over and a number of volunteers. The camp itself is an environmental camp with a Biblical focus. Theme: “Let’s Sow, Let’s grow, Let’s go.” The focus scripture was from the book of Matthew. Even though I was one of the volunteers, I learnt how to plant in a water bottle using the osmosis method.

Youth With a Mission Jamaica

Missions Jamaica

We hosted the Missions Jamaica Youth team for the first time since COVID-19.


It was a privilege serving with sixty six teens and their staff from Adventure Camp out of YWAM Orlando U.S.A.

Vacation Bible School

The Adventure Camp, as part of their outreach, did vacation Bible School in three locations, one of which was at Youth With A Mission Montego Bay. Each day the numbers grew and by the end of the VBS, we had over fifty persons inclusive of children, teens and parents. They were engaged in sporting activities, Bible stories and pool time. It was so good to serve the community in this way.

Street Feeding

We continue to cook and feed the homeless in Montego Bay every third Saturday each month.
Thanks to the churches who partner with us through giving, cooking, sharing the word, prayer and distributing.

My Family

I continue to trust God with my sister’s health and complete restoration. This season has been filled with ups and downs for my family unit. First it was my eldest brother’s death, and then my other brother was in and out of the hospital. My neighbor also died suddenly as well as a young lady who was living with me some years ago. I lost a cousin and my cousin’s father also passed. However, in all of these things we are more than conquerors through Jesus Christ. I pray that those in and outside the family who have not come into a relationship with Jesus Christ (as the scripture said eternal life is to know Jesus Christ of Nazareth), will come to that knowledge and totally surrender to Him.


I thank God that I was able to lease a piece of land. Now, I am seeking the Holy Spirit as to how He wants the land to be used.


Indoor Family Camp

Presently processing hosting an indoor Family Camp, date to be announced as soon as it is confirmed.

Praise Report

  • My sister who is admitted in the hospital is so overwhelmed by God’s faithfulness to her. She is not in pain, not taking pain meds, sleeping through the night and the swelling on feet is going down.
  • My brother is moving about again even though the wound is not totally healed. However, he’s doing much better.
  • I thank God that we could run NIKO 1 for the first time since 2019. Praise God, that even though we needed more staff, we were able to work as a team.

Prayer Requests

  • Insurance: I am desirous of having a comprehensive health insurance and to do so I need at least USD$60 per month. I need at least three persons who can commit to give USD$20 monthly towards this.
  • Please continue to pray for my sister’s complete healing and recovery.
  • A debt free property and building for Restoration Youth and Family Centre.
  • Increase in financial donors on my Missions Support Team.


All YWAM staff is responsible for raising their own support through financial gifts from friends, family and churches. Will you prayerfully consider joining my support team for the next two years by giving a monthly, bi-monthly, quarterly, or one-time donation?

As usual, I close by asking- How can I pray for you?

May God bless and keep you and your family so that you may prosper in all your endeavours.