Dear family and friends,

Autumn will officially begin on September 23rd. That doesn’t really mean much here in Florida. Most afternoons we get some rain. This is normal for this time of year. The official hurricane season here is from June 1st through November 30th. The peak of hurricane season is September 10th, with most activity occurring between mid-August and mid-October. Hurricane Idalia hit west of us last week as it was predicted to do so. We prepared for it, just to be safe in case it wobbled and came our way. Please pray for a quiet hurricane season for us here at the retirement homes.

Five folks from Needmore Bible Church in Pennsylvania came here in mid-August. The purpose of their trip was to do some indoor painting. I have included 2 photos of some of the painters. Wow! They sure did get a lot done! They worked in 2 duplex apartments getting them ready for new residents. Brad and I are thankful for the team members’ hearts of service. They were a blessing and encouragement to many.

On Saturday there was a memorial service in our chapel for one of our retirees who recently passed away. There will be another service next weekend. One lady was a duplex resident, and the other was a resident in our Assisted Living Facility. Tomorrow (Tuesday) we have a 90-year-old duplex resident who will be moving into the Latham Center. Two others are making plans to move in before the end of the year. Things are constantly changing around here.

A month or so ago Jana moved into the Latham Center. Joe and Jana had been planning to move in together, but Joe was hospitalized and went to meet Jesus face-to-face. Jana is happy to be living in the independent side of the building. I clean her room each week and do her laundry. Jana enjoys the meals that are prepared here and served in the dining room. I have included a link to Joe and Jana’s story that is on our Homes website.

Laura, Elizabeth, and Precious were a wonderful part of our housekeeping team. Laura left in late July and Precious and Elizabeth said goodbye in early August. The three of them worked a total of 60 hours a week helping to keep our building clean, laundry taken care of and our residents happy. These 3 gals are really missed around here. There was a gap between when they left and before new interns began to arrive. One of the staff ladies stepped in to help me, as it has been a challenge to get all the necessary work done. Lexie is 17 years old and is now an employee and comes to work after school. Caroline arrived a week ago from Germany and has already plugged in. Tory (Victoria) will be arriving from California this evening. Once all three of these gals are trained, we should have a pretty good team once again. I will properly introduce each of these to you in my next update.

Our church here has made some changes to their Sunday morning teaching programs for the kids as well as going to 2 Sunday morning services. I enjoy teaching about once a month. My new class is 3-year-olds through 2nd grade. I have an adult assistant helping, and we may call upon willing teens if needed. Prayers would be appreciated as I prepare and teach these young ones.

I often get asked how Brad’s health is these days. I will let him share with you how he feels he is doing. Improving – I think. Still cannot do a lot of what I used to. But not bad “for the condition my condition is in.” If you have specific questions – don’t hesitate to email me.

We so appreciate your interest in our work here at NTM Homes (The Homes of Ethnos360). God has so wonderfully provided for these dear retired missionaries who have served most of their adult lives reaching the lost with the precious gospel of Christ.

Living by grace,

Brad & Wanda Hull