Well Done!

Dear Friends,

Greetings from the center of the oven that we call Texas. Record-breaking heat and extremely dry conditions have been the big story in this part of the country. I know many of our farmers and ranchers are enduring a second straight difficult summer. For the rest of us, it just means getting that walk in *really* early and trying to stay hydrated the rest of the day—and giving daily thanks for air conditioning! But truth is, if you stick a fork in me right now, it would definitely come out well done!

As we look to the coming Fall semester, we ask prayer that we would take advantage of every opportunity in our ministry of mobilization. Ephesians 5:16 tells us “to make the most of every opportunity”! Sometimes in this job of mobilization it is hard to know which task to do next—which conversation is the most important? Which email should I send next? Which church should I reach out to? Where is the soil the most fertile?

Would you please ask God to give us wisdom for each day that we would prioritize walking with Him, seeking His face, and walking in obedience to each task he gives us? More than anything, when we see him one day, we want to hear our Father say, “Well done, good and faithful servants!”

Family Update

Cara and Braden Voss!

June 18 was a special day for us as we celebrated Cara and Braden’s wedding! It was a beautiful ceremony and a precious time together. Following the wedding, after a week in Mexico and a week here in College Station, they returned to Lynchburg, Virginia where they will continue their studies at Liberty University. Please pray for them as they are starting married life together and juggling school and part-time jobs as well.

In other family news, Andrew and Katie are expecting their second daughter in early December! Little Elle is going to have a baby sister, and Mums and Pops are so blessed to have these special days with them.

As we mentioned in our last letter, Katie is getting married to Coby Clark this winter. Lots to prepare for and look forward to this fall!

Ministry Happenings

As mentioned earlier it’s shaping up to be a busy fall. The streets here in Aggieland are already teaming with new and returning students. This weekend our church put on their annual “Big Giveaway” where the church provides furniture and appliances to many of the international students coming to Texas A&M. Pray for us as we reach out to a couple of South Asian students whom we met at this event.

As far as mobilization goes, Neil will be traveling around the state and the country to various church events, mission conferences, and more this fall. Right now, trips are planned to Fort Worth (Aug), Florida (Sep), Dallas (Sep), Waco (Oct), Wyoming (Oct), and Louisville, KY (Nov).

Locally, we have a number of events and meetings planned with different organizations and churches, and Neil continues to work with Perspectives in various capacities. In all of this, we do the work of getting the word out there, but God does the big job of stirring hearts and raising up laborers to go into the harvest among the nations!

Thank you!

Thank you once again for being part of our team through your prayers and giving as we seek to raise up laborers to go to the unreached peoples of the world! We are so grateful for you all.

Love in Christ,
Neil and Becky Burleson