Dear Ones, August 8th, 2023

Wow, the year is flying by!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I keep having this thought going through my mind: DOORS HAVE BEEN OPEN!!!

The DOOR WAS OPEN for us to drive to see loved ones in Ocala, Florida, Georgia, Tennessee, and Greenville South Carolina. It was GREAT to see loved ones and grandkids, and friends. We were gone for two weeks arriving back on July 24th, just in time for an appointment, on July 26th with my heart specialist in Orlando!! We arrived home after driving 1581 miles, Charlie was tired and I was also. Guess our age has caught up with us!!! We are sooo thankful to the Lord for this time, and though you did not know we were traveling, we certainly ALWAYS appreciated your Prayers!!

Recently, our son Ben in Australia video called, through the computer and phone. We got to see our newest Great Grandchild as we talked with Ben. Technology is FANTASTIC!!! Ben was saying how much they wish we could fly over to Australia, so we can be there when his oldest son Jayden and Sarah get married in April 2024. So, we rest in the LORD to OPEN THE DOOR, if that is His will for us to go!!

That first week back I had three medical Appointments, and then four more last week!! Yesterday I had a repeat echo cardiogram for the doctor to compare with others to see how the cardio myopathy is going. The heart specialist is still trying to find out why my heart is weakening, so he has ordered lots of tests. They even wanted to know what Chemo drugs I was given when I started my cancer journey nine years ago. By the way, with being cancer-free, August 1st was the last day for taking my cancer drug Anastrozole, after being on it for seven years. Wondering if maybe I might start feeling healthier being off it!! The Watchman that was put in my heart has healed, so I now I am off both Eloquis and Anastrozole, which is GREAT!! Next week we have five appointments!! As you can imagine, we appreciate your Prayers for extra strength and for answers as to why my heart function has been weaker!!

We are REJOICING that the LORD HAS OPENED THE DOOR for WOL – WORD OF LIFE -to minister in Australia to young folks there!! Many years ago, we did not hear about such ministry being allowed in Australia, but now we hear from Jim and Lynda Dugan, of young people being reached!! Know they would love to have you PRAY for this ministry. Our daughter Esther went to the WOL Bible School, in Schroon Lake New York in the late 1990’s. She loved the training she received there!

May the LORD OPEN DOORS for each of you as you walk with Him!!!

Thanking the Lord for EACH ONE OF YOU!!!

Charlie & Cherrie