Change. Unpredictability. Upheaval.

Is it just that I am getting older and notice that life is permeated by these characteristics, or has it always been this way? Record snowfall this past winter has been followed by record heat this summer. Things you can count on, like monsoon rains, might or might not come, or might come in excess. This seems to be a recurring theme for me these days, perhaps because I am in a season of change myself. I continue to work at releasing responsibilities at IBC. I have been working fewer than 40 hours per week most of this past semester. Some of the other activities I was hoping to pursue in the neighborhood and community have not panned out (additional piano lesson for a young woman in need of connection has fallen through, mentoring in a local public school has not yet been possible) but some have (more time with several neighbors, successful second-annual block party a few weeks ago, working with my local church’s Sunday School once per month starting in September, a few meetings with internationals).

The IBC Museum is coming along with three displays currently available for visitors and a fourth one underway. I’ve had more time and mental focus to devote to the alumni. I’m working toward turning over Life Coaching directorship to our current registrar but hope to continue as coach. Introduction to Missions is now being taught by another instructor. Another professor is also teaching Guitar and taking over first-semester freshman ministry oversight.

Alumni dinner in April

Very few people and so far, no churches, have chosen to redirect my support in response to my beginning to receive Social Security in January. Please let me know if you would like more details or would like to know how or where you might redirect your financial support.

Several weeks ago, I joined an IBC student-led and student-organized short-term ministry trip to my old stomping grounds at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch from July 23rd through the 29th. Then I enjoyed a week in Cloudcroft, New Mexico with my sister. Now I will start preparing for another busy semester. Regular classes begin on August 28th. I will be teaching Voice, Piano, and English I, at this point. My team and I will continue to work on the museum. I will be overseeing Christian Service Assignments for 2nd- through 4th-semester students. I will be working with alumni and assisting with Life Coaching, in God’s will.

2023 Bachelor Graduates

Graduation is always a great reminder of why we do what we do. Left to right, Kelly is assisting the director of the
Learning Resource Center at IBC in anticipation of taking over eventually. She is also starting a master’s degree in library science. Cece will continue her education at NAU beginning in a few weeks. She is preparing to teach in a high school setting. Terrence worked this summer as program director at Broken Arrow Bible Ranch and will
probably work with youth in his hometown of Gallup this fall. Jerrylne will be continuing to help at IBC as women’s dorm Resident Director while also continuing to work at Little Caesar’s. Praise God for their faithfulness and thank you for praying them through!

2023 Associate’s Graduates

How can you be praying? Thank you for asking!

  • Pray for God’s choice of new students this fall.
  • Pray for the acquisition of more student housing adjacent to our campus, in God’s will.
  • Pray for safety and blessings on the returning students as we embark on a new semester.
  • Pray for wisdom for me as I strive to finish well.

Thank you, faithful team! Let me know how I can pray for you too.

Martha Gushee