Summer Greetings from Steve and Sandy Aholt,

Sandy and I are so thankful for each one of you who are faithfully praying for us and supporting us financially. We pray for God to bless you daily for your faithfulness. We consider it our privilege to serve our risen Savior together with you. The Lord be magnified!

We continue to volunteer our time at Journey Church International (JCI), in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. God has allowed us to help facilitate 2 five-week Intentional Parenting classes, with 82 individuals attending, on Monday evenings. We are now teaching a third, smaller class, this summer. In between these classes, we helped facilitate a group of about 15 couples in Pre-Marriage classes, on Sunday mornings, for four weeks. A church with spiritually strong families will be a catalyst for a healthy growing church.

We were asked to be part of a Spiritual Care team, at church. Our responsibilities are to welcome people, and get to know them, in our assigned section of the church auditorium. After the services, we are available to talk to those who have made a spiritual decision. We listen to them and pray with them. We are often able to direct them to various care groups to help meet their need.

We were able to take a break from our rigorous schedule around the July 4th holiday. It took several days to unwind so we could relax. It does seem that we get tired more easily, lately. It must be the summer weather! 😊

A friend of ours told a story about when her mother was 20 years old. She bought an airplane with another girl from high school. To make a long story short, 77 years later, another of our friends introduced Steve to a 97-year-old woman, who owned an airplane, with a girl from her high school! Steve and I met her on Saturday. CONFIRMED: this is the same lady! Please pray for Virginia to understand the Gospel and ask Jesus to be her Savior. There is no “coincidence” in God’s plan for our lives.

The water fitness classes (Aqua Buddies) continue on Tuesday and Thursday each week. There are 9-10 people attending the sessions. God is allowing us to make a positive spiritual impact into the lives of others at the gym, while keeping ourselves physically fit. The man who is a Noahide has stopped communicating with me. He has no desire to discuss anything about the New Testament. Today, after class, I met a man who said that he grew up in church all his life, but, “he does not believe that stuff anymore.” I asked if he believed in God. His response was, “No!” I said that the Bible says, “The fool has said in his heart – there is no God.” He replied, “The Bible says a whole lot of stuff. I can make it without God.” I left him with this thought, “You better be absolutely sure that you are right!”

Prayer Requests:

  • Please pray for our Grandson Zane. He is still experiencing pain from his costochondritis – an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone.
  • Like many of you, we also have a family member who is preparing for cancer treatments, one who has just finished a second round of cancer treatments, and one who is recovering from a stroke. Jehovah-Rapha – the God who heals.

Listening for the trump,

Steve and Sandy Aholt