Time Moves On

As we approach our 57th wedding anniversary this month, we realize how much time has moved on. The waterfall reminds us how water keeps flowing. We visited there recently and actually walked behind the falls to see the view from there.

We had a great time with Tom, Melanie, and two of their sons, Brett and Wes. It was all too short but still wonderful. We stayed in a beautiful cabin in the mountains of NE Georgia; only two hours from our home.

The addition to our home is nearly finished. We have started moving the kitchen over, and our office furniture. It isn’t all set up yet, but well on its way to being done. It gives us an extra 440 square feet. We don’t plan on moving again. Kathy says her next move is up⬆️!

It has been a challenge trying to work on the house and the property around it. We are slowly seeing improvements. We have some new grass and flowers growing.  We’re not used to working in 80-90 degree temperatures and have to limit our time outdoors.

We are hearing good reports from Papua New Guinea and it’s always encouraging to see God’s work going on. Susie, one of the community Bible teachers from where we lived wrote,  “We’ve combined all the other classes and they are all in course 4. Now we have around 12 active teachers  teaching.” Course four takes them through all of the epistles. The teachers are all volunteers with hearts to spread the Word.

When things settle down a bit here, we would like to continue translating plain English Bible lessons from the  O.T. prophets. I would also like to continue on the book I’ve started writing. You can read Chapter 1 here.

Kathy goes in to have her gallbladder removed tomorrow morning (13th). Pray she will heal quickly and obey her  caregiver.

Thank you for being part of our ministry.

Love in Christ,

Jim and Kathy Tanner

Jim’ email: jim_tanner@ntm.org Kathy’s kathy_tanner@ntm.org