Greetings from Arizona,

Whatever you do, work heartily, as for the Lord and not for men, knowing that from the Lord you will receive the inheritance as your reward. You are serving the Lord Christ. Colossians 3:23-24

What is Life Coaching?

Here at Indian Bible College (IBC) the Life Coaching program aims at helping the student live with integrity in every area of life including ministry, paying their bills, managing their time, getting and keeping a job, and succeeding academically.

The IBC Life Coaching program is one aspect of the total discipleship process for an IBC student. One of the primary aims of Life Coaching is to assist the student in connecting their faith to the practical areas of life that relate to integrity, faithfulness, and stewardship. The Life Coach works alongside the Spiritual Formation mentor in helping the student develop holistically, applying biblical principles to everyday life.

One of my roles at IBC is to Life Coach some of the female students. Students participate in life coaching every week of their entire first year at IBC. Please pray for the two students (names changed) I’m currently Life Coaching:

Sierra – for the overwhelming loss she’s experienced this semester; for relationship restoration, healing,
and a healthy grieving process. In addition, for her summer plans to work hard in order to pay off debt

Ruth – for ongoing “breakthroughs” as she grows in her faith and a deeper understanding of who she is in Christ.
Also, for a strong finish to the semester in order for her to graduate with a Christian Ministry Certificate.

Here’s a reflection of Jianna’s experience, whom I Life Coached this past year:

I became an IBC student in January of 2022. By this time all of the freshmen had already survived an entire semester, where as I had just begun. That spring semester I had six classes and nineteen credit hours. Beginning college was exciting, although it felt as though I had jumped onto a spinning treadmill. I was trying to catch up to those who had already been running, but it was challenging.

I continually thanked God for Linda Kitchen, my life coach. She not only taught me to set achievable goals, and to take each week a bite at a time, but she is a friend. The hours I spent in her office became a calm in the storm of classes, work, jobs, and ‘being an adult’ in general. Each week I sat on her couch and discussed life in all of its chaotic glory, while Linda sat with me in prayer with all of the gentle kindness one needs. Her time in selfless service here at IBC is no waste. She is a blessing both to the school with all its students, and to the community.

Thank you for praying for me. First, this summer is the first time that I am not volunteering at a Christian camp. I will be working, volunteering at various associations, and doing plenty of hiking, but I also want to ensure I am not stagnant in the Lords work. Secondly, I am a student with an endless list of interests but very limited time. Seeing as this is not my life but the Lords, I want desperately to explore every opportunity I can without moving from God’s will.

Please pray for all 9 of the IBC Life Coaches (Martha, Brina, Charles, Luckie, Emily, DH, Bob, Eric, and me) that we end the school year on a high note with each of the students we’re coaching.

Praises from the Ministry Immersion Trip (MIT)

Thank you for praying for the students as they traveled to South Dakota. What a joy to hear them share during chapel following spring break about how they were impacted during the trip. Here are some of the praises:

I received hope and was inspired to serve and pursue reservation (Rez) ministry by meeting the Pastors in those places where they met a lot of backlash for being a Christian and yet they persevered with humility.

The hospitality and faith of the Lakota and Dakota Natives was an inspiration. And to see the IBC alum Pastor contextualize very effectively in his ministry context encouraged me to have faith in God’s plan for wherever He will take me and the IBC graduates.

The history and trauma of those people was inspirational. It was a symbol of hope to see their baggage covered by the cross of Christ.

A random gas station clerk was searching for hope and God from a place of oppression. An IBC student used his past life example to share the gospel with her following them witnessing a drunk couple who left the station and had a roll-over accident leaving them in critical condition.

For several students, God showed up in encouraging ways through the community aspect of all they experienced, from connecting with and getting to know other students to trusting one another during the van breakdown, as well as working past difficulties as they worked and served together.

Wrapping up the School Year

Please pray:

  • for all the students to reach their potential and complete assignments, while doing their very best.
  • that the four seniors graduating on May 20th (Kelly, Terrence, Cecilia, and Jerrylne) finish well!
  • for two students who need to raise their GPA for Pell Grant eligibility in the fall

Close of European Chapter

When I moved back to America in 2018, I brought with me the two European shorthair cats that I acquired in the Netherlands after the summer of 2007. Sadly both cats have now passed away after having them for over 15-½ years. When Rama (orange) died in February ’22, it was a big loss but I still had Akela (gray) his brother, which provided comfort and some normalcy.

However, when Akela died recently on April 7th my heart experienced the overall loss of them both, bringing to close the European chapter in my life. They were amazing companions and are deeply missed. I thank God that He gave them to me to care for and be my family while abroad, as well as through the challenges of life once back in the States.

Thank you for your prayers. May God bless you!

United for His Kingdom purposes,