Greetings All!

Arpen, just returned from Chosen Water

“Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations……” I want you to meet one of our young Wana disciples, “Arpen.” The Lord has placed this young man into my life and in so doing gave me a real blessing. Arpen has a real desire to learn and to serve the Lord. He recently made a trip to our newest outreach in the village of “Chosen Water.” He came back all excited and couldn’t wait to tell me all about his experience.

It is exciting to work with young people like Arpen. He calls at all sorts of weird times, loves to talk about what the Lord is doing, and how he wants to serve the Lord with his life.

Arpen and the team taking a little break on the trip upriver. (In the shade of the bamboo)

He was so excited that he could go along with this team of other men and help with the teaching at “Chosen Water.” This outreach is just a few months old so no believers yet, but many are studying with our men – starting in Genesis and slowly making their way through key Bible stories which unfold the gospel story to them. Pray for our evangelists as they challenge the old worldview of these people and present to them God’s worldview, and pray that many will come to know the Lord as Savior through this outreach.

This is all making me excited to get back in September – I am looking forward to meeting many of these folks for the first time. Jeanne and I will appreciate your prayers as I am already making the preparations. Pray too for my visa and travel expenses – I am asking the Lord for $2,500 to help cover the expenses for this trip.

Teaching the people at “Chosen Water”
The folks at “Chosen Water” already clearing a new helipad – all excited in anticipation to attend the next Wana Bible conference in September.

God bless each of you and thanks for being a part of our team.

Ed n Jeanne Casteel