Dear Ones,

This comes with our love and thankfulness for you being part of our journey with our Savior!!

You all know we live at our Missionary Retirement village here in Sanford, Florida. Many of our missionaries are unwell and unable to be physically active, BUT THE GREATEST IS THEIR PRAYER LIFE WHICH IS THE BEST!!!!! With a smile on our faces – like a rocket going off – we say this place is a launching pad headed for Heaven!!

To say all this, as we attended a memorial Service, on July 1st, for our next-door neighbor Joe Price, which was such a blessing. He and his wife Jana have lived beside us for almost 16 years!! Joe and Jana served a total of 46 years – 37 years in Venezuela, before retiring here. Joe had been sick with COPD for years, from being in the military, and his lungs were a mess with untreatable fluid buildup. Two days before Joe graduated to Heaven, the ambulance came to take him to the hospital. I still remember that afternoon – Charlie was in our doorway holding his hands towards Joe in Prayer. Joe was in an upright position being put into in the ambulance with a smile on his face and a thumbs up!!! He was ready to meet his Savior!!! Joe’s wife, Jana, is moving up to our assisted living facility, here on the property. She will have a lovely room with a bathroom, and meals provided, and laundry to use, and they clean the room each week. We are not a nursing home, but our staff there are lovely and helpful. Know Jana would appreciate your Prayers as she makes this move!!

What Peace and Joy we can each have, knowing the moment to put our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior, we are adopted into His family and one day will live with HIM FOREVER MORE!!!

We had a lovely 60th Anniversary on June 14th, going for lunch out on the river, not far from us. Thank you all for your Congratulations on that milestone!

On June 26th, Charlie’s Birthday, I had another heart procedure to see if the Watchman that had been put in my heart had finally healed over. It had healed over, for which we thank the Lord. Now I am off the Eloquis – a blood thinner – I have been on for a few years. Now I am on Plavix. I have had three different Doctor appointments, which were encouraging, and on July 26th I see my heart specialist in Orlando. He works with the electrical problems I have in my heart. We appreciate your Prayers for an encouraging appointment!

A BIG BONUS is that on August 1st, being CANCER FREE, I can stop my cancer drug – Anastrazole that I have been on for 7 years!!!!!!!!!!! AGAIN we thank you for all your Prayers and continued Prayers over the years!!!

As I mentioned, Charlie’s Birthday was on June 26th, so now we are both 78 years old, and continuing to trust the Lord for strength to serve Him as we walk with Him Day by Day, knowing your Prayers help keep us going and mean sooo much to us!!!

All because of Jesus,

Charlie & Cherrie