Greetings all,

We trust you all are enjoying the start of a new summer. The haze from the Canadian forest fires reminds me of the same kind of haze we get in Asia Pacific during the dry season when people are burning their gardens. There have been times our bush pilots cannot fly because the haze is so thick.

Jeanne and I continue to rejoice in the amazing things God is doing in the Asia Pacific and more specifically among the Wana tribal people. New outreaches are continuing to open up to us, creating a challenge to keep up with enough teachers and evangelists to go around. One of the new outreaches is a village called “Base of the Slope.” These folks have had a national church organization amongst them for a number of years, but the Bible is taught in the national language and they are not understanding. They are now asking for us to teach them in their own mother tongue. They are also wanting to learn to read and write so this week, one of our literacy teachers is going over to begin literacy with them. Another great opportunity for us! As we have said many times these last couple of years have been some of the most exciting times of our missionary career as we have seen the gospel literally explode amongst the Wana people! Below is a photo of some of the folks in “Base of the slope” who are studying the gospel – pray for them that the gospel would be made clear, and also pray for “Annie Bowa” as she begins literacy classes with them (20 people signed up for literacy).

Some of the group in “Base of the slope” studying the gospel

This last time while in Asia Pacific we enjoyed some of the fruits common to this region of the world. The “durian” is one such fruit. It means “thorny fruit” taken from it’s sharp thorns. It has a very odd taste (a bit of an onion flavor) which took me well over 20 years to begin to appreciate. Now it is hard to quit eating them. A few pictures of the durian below along with a little humor at the very end – enjoy.

Many of the bathrooms in Asia Pacific utilize the “squatty potty”. I was surprised when I walked into one bathroom and saw this conversion kit – I think the kits are available on 😊 😊

Thank you so much for your partnership – may God bless,

Ed & Jeanne Casteel