It’s hard to believe we left Papua New Guinea twenty-two months ago. Life seems to fly by these days.

Kathy has had several procedures done since we’ve been back and has another one looming. She had a stone removed from her bile duct last week, and after an appointment with a surgeon, a decision will be made to remove the gall bladder, or not. Pray for her. You don’t bounce back too quickly when you are older. ☹ Jim tested positive for Covid on Wednesday this week. He is on self-isolation for six days. Pray for his recovery.

We finally have new neighbors, our youngest daughter, Margie, and her two lovely girls, Michelle and Alysa. They all work in a grocery store about 1.4 miles from here. They are still trying to get unpacked and settled into their new house. We have a new addition being added to our 800 sq. ft. house which will enlarge it to about 1200 sq. ft. and give us an office, and a new dining room/kitchen area. Now we can move our dining room furniture out of the spare bedroom into its new location. It will give us more space to entertain people and have visitors.

The fifteen-week Perspectives On The World Christian Movement course came to an end for Jim. Wow! Even though we’ve been missionaries for 53 years, he learned so much about what God is doing around the world. We hear a lot of bad press about terrible things going on in the world, but it is refreshing to know that the cause of Christ keeps advancing. You’ve probably noticed many people from different nations are in flux, and God is using that for them to have the opportunity to meet believers. God gives opportunities to reach them in our own countries.

Jim is writing a book about our time in Papua New Guinea. He is posting a chapter at a time on this website so people can read them and give us feedback. You can see the link to the chapters in the right-hand menu column. If you read any chapters, please let us know what you think. God has been so good to us and we praise him for those years.

We will add each new chapter with additional pictures as we go.

Thank you all for your love, prayers and partnership in the gospel.

In Christ,
Jim & Kathy Tanner