Greetings from the Case Household,

I started this update while in the hospital. I was there for eight days, being admitted for severe chest pain, and was discharged Friday June 2nd. Now I am home, slowing getting my energy back. We have both appreciated your Prayers and continued Prayers for myself and also for Charlie, who has been really tired.


On the 6th morning, I started this update, reflecting on this time of my health journey in the hospital.

It is ever so interesting all the people the Lord has been bringing into my life!!!

I like to ask people where they are from. I started this 8-9 years ago when I started my cancer journey either in the waiting room or sitting between others having chemo treatment. They tell me where they are from, and then they ask where I am from. I say “Massachusetts but we lived overseas for 34 years.” Then they ask where we lived and I say “Australia and New Zealand.” When they ask what we were doing there, I say “Christian work.” They either totally show no interest or totally want to talk!

The first nurse was from Iran: The lady from Iran told me that she and her husband and five-month-old baby immigrated to the USA about eight years ago settling here in Florida. She then told me that missionaries working with Pioneer Mission Board led them to faith in Jesus as their Savior. Then she shared that they are helping this family in translation work! This nurse was doing an extensive test on me, so we got to talk for a long time. I gave her our information, to continue to keep in contact with us. The day we were discharged, she saw us and gave us her email address also!

The second nurse was from India. While talking we found out that she was in the same home-schooling group as a close friend of ours!

Another nurse from Bali Indonesia: I told her our granddaughter, Llahna, recently married Zac. Zac grew up in Indonesia, where his parents were missionaries. That evening, she came back wanting to share her heart about her journey and her Mom’s journey, from marrying a Hindu and involvement in Buddhism. She said, as a youngster, her Mom had also heard of Jesus Christ. Her Mom was searching for the truth and prayed that God would show her the truth and she saw that Jesus Christ, God’s Son, was “The Way, the Truth, and the Life; no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.” (John 14:6). Her Mom keeps talking about the importance of always being in God’s Word, which gives them Peace and Joy and Hope for Eternity with Him!

The first time I went to Orlando to meet my oncologist at the cancer clinic, I was overcome with sadness as I walked through the main door and headed down the main corridor to his office. I saw people walking with canes, bald from chemotherapy treatment, being pushed in wheelchairs and looking so frail. I saw an elderly lady sitting on a bench wrapped in a blanket – ALL ALONE!!! We need each other through this journey of life. I am so thankful for Charlie and others, like yourself, who have been there for me day by day!!

Each time I am in the hospital or at medical appointments is not wasted time, but a time of drawing me closer to the Lord. Psalm 23 keeps coming to my mind – “Yea though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil, because YOU ARE WITH ME!!

This time started out with severe chest pain, which after 24 hours settled down. Since my heart function test was lower than previous tests, I was admitted to the hospital. My Atrial Fibrillation really acted up, so they changed my medications twice, which has helped some, but there are no real answers to the cause. So, we continue with doctor appointments. In general, I feel fairly well now, mainly up and down with tiredness. I am LEARNING to pace myself and I say LEARNING!!! So thankful for the Lord, His Words of Encouragement, for Charlie, and you all!!

Eleven years ago, at my 50th High School Class Reunion, a friend sitting across the table spoke up. In a loud voice so many could hear, he said “I am surprised you are both still together!” This June 14th we will be married 60 years, for which we thank the Lord!!

May our Lord to your constant Encouragement also!! Thank you for the part you have in our lives and for your continued Prayers for daily strength and even in these Senior years to be open to interaction with those He has us meet day by day. We Pray that for you also!!


Charlie & Cherrie

I so want to respond personally to each of you who have sent emails or made comments on FaceBook, but am unable to do that this time:o(