Greetings from Arizona,

It’s hard to fathom how quickly these past few months have flown by. I apologize for my lack of communication thus far in 2023.

Above: first 12” snow in late December

Days and weeks have been very full mostly because of what seems to have been consistent winter storms, one right after the other since late December, leaving me exhausted these past few months due to the weekends and early mornings of shoveling and chopping ice.

An early March 15.5” snowfall, the piles continue to grow

So far we’ve had over 13 feet of snow this winter, which led to 2 power outages (one for 35 hours and another for 17 hours). I’ve had 3 roof leaks due to ice-damming, which led to several weekends (15+ hours) on the roof shoveling off snow and chopping 2-6” thick ice into blocks in order to throw off the roof. In addition, I’ve had to dig trenches and tributaries to direct the melting snow to flow from under and around the house to the creek on the east (down hill) side of my property. Needless to say, it’s been quite the chore and process. But, we now have the moisture we’ve needed, which will hopefully prevent a lot of forest fires this year. I’m definitely ready for spring!

Both of my classes this spring semester have been going well. I am enjoying teaching Lifetime Fitness and co-teaching Personal Finance.

Stewardship/Care of the Temple –

In February I enjoyed the opportunity co-teaching during a chapel service on caring for our temple. The students had been studying stewardship (in a variety of meanings). We pray they’ll take care of their health and bodies when thinking of nutrition, hydration, exercise and their overall physical and mental well-being.

Ministry Immersion Trip (MIT) – March 24-April 3

The students are traveling to South Dakota for the annual ministry immersion trip where they will live out the principles they’ve been learning as they serve in unity and shine brightly for Christ in spiritually dark places.

Four staff are with the 27 students on the trip. There will be two full days of travel going to SD and coming back home, in addition to the week they’ll have ministering as the Lord leads.

Please pray:

  • Safety as they travel. Alertness for all the drivers (Josh, Aaron, Tim, Cece, Cenovia, Kornell, Daniel and Coreen)
  • That the 3 vans and one Jeep stay in good repair without any breakdowns
  • For Daniel’s recruitment visits at area high schools in SD and one in MN, for receptivity and interest, as well as for local pastors and church leaders to become recruiters for IBC
  • For the impact of the team on the Pine Ridge Reservation at the beginning of the trip, where students will facilitate a church service at the No Necks’ church in Kyle, SD
  • The time of service and ministry on the Lake Traverse Reservation for the house church in Sisseton, SD
  • That the Lord would open an opportunity to visit the tribal school and share about IBC
  • For protection for all and wisdom/awareness for the staff (Josh, Coreen, Daniel and Will)

When the students return from MIT they’ll have a week of spring break. Please pray that they’ll use that time wisely to accomplish assignments they’ve yet to finish for term 2, and that they’ll set themselves up in preparedness for the final term of the semester.

May this spring and Easter season fill you with hope and joy.

Thank you for your prayers and financial support. You’re truly a blessing!

In His power and love,