Greetings from Arizona,

For even as the Son of Man came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many. – Mark 10:25 (emphasis mine)


What an example we have in the Lord Jesus Christ! As Mighty God, King of Kings and Lord of Lords clearly it seems He deserved being served by those He walked on this earth with, however, His heart was to serve others as well as to give His life through dying on the cross for our sins.

Serve Day

Through teaching and encouraging an other’s centered lifestyle through service, stewardship, and being mindful that all we have is Gods the Indian Bible College (IBC) students have an opportunity each semester to set aside one Friday of classes and spiritual formation in order to serve the neighbors and others around the city and state in different capacities. Pray that the seeds of kindness will result in additional loving & serving in our communities.

Service in Missions

It was a blessing for IBC to have Chuck and Yulia (along with their young daughter) from Ukraine speak at our annual Missions Conference February 7-10. Chuck is Navajo and a graduate of IBC. He met his wife in Ukraine following his graduation and desire to travel and explore other cultures. They shared with us the outreach and discipleship process they use with their International student ministry in Kyiv.

As Yulia shared her story of salvation with me I found out that as a college student she was actually a part of and baptized through the church and ministry my colleagues with Reliant Mission are a part of in Kyiv. What a beautiful picture of multiplication. Yulia is now reaching college students for Jesus, just as she was reached at that age.


Following their time in Flagstaff, they spent some time with Chuck’s family but were unable to return to Kyiv due to travel cancellations and the invasion of Ukraine. In the meantime they’re ministering to Afghani refugees in Phoenix.

We’re all aware of the conflict happening in Ukraine. Please pray for God’s protection over all Ukrainians, strength for the Believers, and that the students and many others come to know Jesus in a personal way.

Volunteer Work Teams

When support raising in 2021 I had to opportunity to share how churches or individuals could come to Flagstaff to help out at IBC through volunteer work teams, which primarily take place during the summer months. This video explains the importance of work teams supporting IBC in this way and how the volunteers are themselves blessed through their service. Click to watch:

Personal News

I’ve recently dealt with a significant loss in my life. One of my Dutch European Shorthair cats, Rama, whom I moved to America with in 2018 suddenly passed away. Rama and his brother, Akela, were so cuddly & close with one another. He brought much comfort and companionship into my life over the 14.5 years. And, when care giving for my mom before she passed away Rama would spend time on her lap, which as an animal lover she absolutely adored! He was so sweet, precious and is deeply missed.

Prayers appreciated.

Thank you for praying for my life and this ministry.
United with you for Jesus,

Rejoicing with a heart full of gratitude for each one of you,