Greetings from Arizona,

Recently you may have heard on National news about the “Tunnel Fire”, which has been burning in northeast Flagstaff. A number of the Indian Bible College (IBC) staff lives in that area. Our President, Jason Koppen, nearly lost his home, but miraculously it survived even though 60% of their property and areas within inches of their home burned. Please pray for relationship opportunities to be built and gospel conversations to be had as Jason and his family are the hands and feet of Jesus to many of their neighbors who did lose everything. Also, pray for healing from the traumatic experience of the wild fire bearing down before evacuation.

This winter we only had about 24” of snow, compared to 60” last year, so conditions are unfortunately quite dry leaving us very susceptible to a potentially dangerous wild fire season. Prayers for safety are appreciated.

[Photos credited to the Coconino National Forest]

Reflections from Ministry Immersion Trip (MIT)

The students had an impactful and productive MIT in the greater Phoenix area ministering to Afghani and African refugees, as well as Native churches and youth on the reservations. Here are a few reflections shared during chapel:

It was hard to see Afghani refugees with “nothing”; so much so that they fought over trash – items they needed to live, for their family. He was reminded that others in the world have less than Natives.

Being exposed to the poverty of the refugees impacted him. It reminded him, too, of what to be grateful for. God has been so good.

Natives are not the only ones who have been hurt, abused, or wounded in some way. She was humbled to see what the refugees were going through and to see that others are hurting as well.

It was nice to see all the IBC students getting along and doing something together. He was touched to see people stepping back to put someone else forward. Working for a common goal was special. He appreciated that people took charge, took responsibility and there was no complaining.

A little girl at the refugee complex held his hand and would not let go. She captured his heart.

Pray that the seeds of love planted in the lives of the refugees and Native youth will result in changed lives.

Spiritual Battle

The final spiritual formation unit of the school year is spiritual battle. As the students face finishing the school year and returning home for the summer or heading off to a ministry opportunity the enemy desires to destroy the truth they’ve gained throughout the year of who they are in Christ and how He has brought healing and restoration to relationships. Please pray for them to stand firm in truth and be protected from the enemy’s attacks as they serve and shine light in the darkness wherever they go.

Personal Health Note

For the past 3+ months I’ve been dealing with “long haul” COVID, following the virus I had in early January. The fatigue and shortness of breath in particular have been challenging. Please pray for complete healing.

I’m deeply thankful for your invaluable prayers, ☺
Many blessings to you,