Dear family and friends,

I would like to introduce two of God’s servants who will be with us this summer. Precious will be helping in housekeeping and in the kitchen. Elizabeth will be helping in housekeeping and at the Home Office.

Greetings! I am Precious from India. I graduated from Ethnos360 Bible Institute last year in May and finished my first year of Training at the Missionary Training Center. I am hoping to go back to India and serve there. I don’t know what role I’ll be playing in my future ministry, but I know that the Lord will show it to me as I walk with Him. I planned on volunteering at the Homes last summer, but for some Visa issues, I had to leave the country. I am so glad God opened the doors for me to come here this summer. One of the main reasons I wanted to volunteer here is to get to know the wonderful servants of God and listen to their stories and how God led them. I am so looking forward to helping them, spending time with them, learning from them and growing.

My name is Elizabeth. I am from Nebraska and am currently attending the University of Nebraska at Kearney. I’m majoring in Psychology with a minor in family science. Growing up, my family was with Ethnos 360 (it was still New Tribes at the time). So, I’ve grown up knowing and understanding the need for reaching all people groups with the Gospel and Bible in their own language. However, although I have had a heart for missions, I hadn’t fully seen myself as someone who was called to actually do missions or really actively be a part of it until this last year. God has continued to make it more and more clear to me, not only his heart for the nations, but also has placed a desire in my heart to go and be a part of His plan in reaching all people groups, teaching, as well as discipling them to become followers of Jesus. I am so excited to be here this summer, and can’t wait to see how God can use me this summer as well as learn more about the need for reaching the world for Christ and how I can be a part of fulfilling this need!

Precious and Elizabeth will be here for the months of June and July. Yeah! I started training both of them this week and already know that they are going to be a HUGE blessing to me as well as the residents in the Latham Center. They will each be working about 20 hours per week doing housekeeping responsibilities. Intern Laura has been here since last August and will be leaving mid-July to head back to Wisconsin.

Avis, LaVonne, and Jeanne are retirees and live in their independent duplexes. Rachelle is on staff and lives in a staff house here on the property. These 4 ladies (A, L, J, and R) hang out in the laundry room and wash, dry, and fold clothes and linens for our residents. We do 50 to 60 loads of laundry each week and having these willing ladies makes all the difference for the housekeepers. 😊

Lee continues to come one day a week and is doing a fabulous job. Lee has been volunteering here for 5 years now. Carol is the wife of the Administrator of the Latham Center and helps 2 mornings a week with housekeeping and personal care of our Latham Center residents. Lisa is the assistant to the Food Service Director and stays quite busy preparing and serving meals to the 17 residents who presently reside in the building. Lisa helps our housekeeping team by cleaning one resident room each week. As you can see, it takes a TEAM to get the job done. As the housekeeping manager, I am the supervisor for the above-mentioned ladies. I keep busy, but thoroughly enjoy my job. Please pray that I will use my time and energy wisely.

Please pray for additional staff and/or volunteers who are willing to help on the housekeeping team once Laura, Precious and Elizabeth leave in late July and early August. Of course the Lord knows the need and already has a plan in mind. Even so He wants us to bring our needs before Him and trust Him for His provision. I will be sure to let you know how our prayers are answered.

Please continue to pray for Brad’s health. He is improving, but ever so slowly. When he first returned home from the hospital, we had no idea that it would take this long for him to get back to where he was physically before his hospital stay. Please pray for us as we patiently wait on the Lord and accept His timing in all things.

“In the Garden of Gethsemane, just prior to His arrest, Jesus knelt down to pray. Prayer is conflict. It is battle. It is war. The passive idea we often have about prayer has no place in the Word of God. Prayer is work, the hardest work you will ever do. It is grueling labor. It is agonizing. It is coming to God and coming to grips with the realities of your life.” Pathways of Prayer – (David Jeremiah)

Brad and Wanda Hull

(Serving at The Homes of Ethnos360)

Sanford, Florida