Thank you, praying friends, for your prayers for the IBC and Koppen families. Here are some answers to your prayers: We had a very uplifting celebration weekend. You can watch the video of Commencement here . The student awards and graduate testimonies (the most encouraging part) begin at 31:40. These were the BEST testimonies as a group that we’ve ever had.

Abby’s surgery went well. Her main iliac vein was 90% blocked with blood flowing backwards, and the installation of the stent caused blood to start flowing naturally back to her heart. Her recovery is going slowly, however, so please keep praying.

We are on our way to Israel! God’s people have been so generous to help the team go! The picture above is from the airport; I’ll send a lot more pictures in the next update. And I’ll be posting daily to Facebook.

Some prayer requests for you:

  • About half of IBC’s students have left campus for ministry, and half are on campus this summer to work. Pray for the Lord’s protection over all of the students this summer and that they would make wise decisions and continue to seek the Lord.
  • We only have three small work teams coming this summer (from MO, AZ, and CO). We normally need six teams to maintain and eight to really make gains. We are reaching out to our local community and churches to seek more volunteers from the area; please pray for the Lord’s provision in this area.
  • IBC’s disciplemaking environment for a universally traumatized people is usually exhausting for its staff; please pray for rest and restoration for IBC’s staff and faculty this summer.

I am incredibly grateful for each of you that pray, serve, and give so that we can graduate healthy Native Christian leaders debt free. IBC is a living miracle–and you are a part of it!

Forever grateful,

Dr. Jason Koppen
Indian Bible College