June 2023
Thank you again for praying for us! God blessed through all the end-of-the-year events. I believe He was honored. Here is a link to the commencement in case you are interested in seeing parts of the two-hour ceremony:

The bachelor graduates were our speakers again this year. Their speeches start around 43 minutes into the video.

And here are a few photos from the Student Ministry Showcase, the recital, and commencement.

Elise during recital
Tim presenting the Gospel through sketch board.
Kelly, myself, and Cece

Please pray that all the students will follow Jesus faithfully throughout the summer and beyond. Three students chose to leave without finishing the semester. Pray for them too, that they might follow God’s will as He calls them.

Also pray for the students and staff going overseas this summer. Christina (graduate staff) is already in Uganda. Jason and his wife, Sarah, are leading a trip to Israel with two graduate staff members (Kelly & Brina) and one current student (Aaron), leaving Friday morning. Daniel and Coreen (graduate staff members) are leading a trip to France with one current student (Cece) and one other graduate staff (Joshua). And one student is going to work among several different groups of nomadic people on the continent of Africa.

Martha Gushee