Seems like only yesterday we got married the night after Charlie graduated from His School in June 1963! Then he went into the Air Force and we were stationed in Biloxi Mississippi for three years. A year after we got married his friend, Jim, stopped on his way to Florida to visit us. We did not know he wanted to stop to share the Gospel.

At first Charlie thought Jim was a religious fanatic, but two weeks after Jim left, Charlie got his Bible out to look up all the verses Jim had left with him. He was convicted of being a sinner, and saw why Jesus had died on the cross to pay the penalty we deserved, and put his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior. When I was about 13 years old, I was babysitting one night, watching a Billy Graham Crusade on TV. I remember putting my faith in Jesus Christ as my Savior, but there was no one to mentor me. So, I knew what Jim was sharing was the truth. I still remember the night before Jim left and Charlie escaped to our bedroom and I said to Charlie, “What Jim is saying is the truth.” I am sure Charlie thought, “Oh no, Jim will leave, and Cherrie will be on my back!”

Well, our lives indeed changed, and many of you know THE REST OF THE STORY: Raymond was our first child – Early allowed discharge from the Air Force to go to Bible School – while there challenged to reach the lost through overseas mission work – headed to Papua New Guinea, but asked if we would help in the training center New Tribes Mission had in Australia for two years which ended up being 34 years – five years of the 34 were in New Zealand, where Ben and Esther were born. We have dual citizenship with Australia and the USA.

14 years ago, we transitioned back to the USA to be a help with Charlie’s Mom, who was in a nursing home in southern Georgia. We joined the staff here at our Mission Retirement Center for five years with Charlie being their Business Advisor to help our retired Missionaries adjust to living in the USA after serving years and years overseas.

In 2012 we were able to be at my 50th High School Class Reunion, and I remember a friend, from across the table where we were sitting, speak out in a REALLY LOUD VOICE, say “I can’t believe you guys are still together!!” Well, we know it is because of our faith in Jesus Christ as our Savior! How thankful we are for growing stronger over the years through His Word – the Holy Bible!

Now we have 3 children and their spouses, 8 grandchildren, 4 great grandchildren and 2 more on the way! They are spread around the world, so we miss them!!

YES, THE YEARS HAVE FLOWN BY!!!! Some of you may remember how our son Ben, who lives in Australia, flew to Indonesia in the mid 1990’s to be on a team to make a video of the Taliabo people group and their search for the river of eternal life. JUST THIS WEEK, we read the following news: “Ladies from this people group are meeting twice a week to work on translating Sunday school material into their language. There are 84 lessons to do!!!! Of course, it is a challenge for them to figure out how to put something into their language that the kids will really understand. The missionaries are hoping to have ladies who are ready to help with Bible Translation checks also!!

We continue to hear of translation work being done around the world!!! Your Prayers for Missionaries, translators, consultants, and ethnic believers, all mean sooo much!!! Having been on the home end of training Christians to reach the unreached mean your Prayers have a big part in this ministry of World Wide Evangelism. Sooo, a BIG THANK YOU TO ALL OF YOU FOR YOUR FAITHFUL PRAYERS, and FINANCIAL SUPPORT OVER THE YEARS, NOT ONLY FOR US, BUT FOR OTHERS YOU KNOW AND PRAY FOR!! Being located here in the USA or other countries, or going overseas, means WE ARE ALL WORKERS TOGETHER WITH OUR SAVIOR!!! THANK YOU SOOO MUCH FOR BEING PART OF THAT TEAM where He has planted you!! EVEN being retired, we are involved in lives the Lord brings on our journey with Him!

YES, THE YEARS CONTINUE TO FLY BY!!! This coming Flag Day, June 14th – means we have been married 60 years!!! We give all the Praise to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ! We still laugh about the following: Friday evening June 14th, 1963, there was a band playing in the park next to the Church. Just as the minister pronounced us “husband and wife” they played a John Phillip Sousa melody!!!!!

Cherrie’s health continues to improve. August 1st will be the last day she has to take her cancer medication!!! Thank you soooo much for your Prayers!!!

God Bless each of you and be your encouragement also,

Charlie & Cherrie