Thank you so much for your prayers! Everyone who was on the ministry trip returned safely from cold, snowy South
Dakota. Only God knows what lives were touched for the sake of Jesus.

We are saddened that two students have chosen to leave before finishing the semester. Please pray the remaining 27 students will persevere and finish well. They are weary with all the activity but still have end-of the-semester projects and final exams to go. The Student Life staff in particular are adversely affected when students choose to leave without finishing, but all of us in the IBC community are affected to some extent. Pray we would find rest and peace in God.

Thank you to those of you who prayed for my eyelid surgery. I found it to be emotionally difficult, though not physically all that painful. My eyelids are healing well but I’m still not entirely convinced I gained enough additional eyesight to make it worth the expense and trauma.

Last night we were blessed with 35 alumni who attended the alumni dinner. I felt as though it was the most successful alumni dinner ever. Thank you to those who prayed for this annual event! Now please pray with us that alumni relationships with IBC will continue to improve and that the alumni will stand behind us and the current students as they get a better glimpse of who we have become and how God is using us. The eldest alumna in attendance graduated in 1968! Many current students jumped in to help with serving, preparing the venue, facilitating table conversation, and cleanup.

Several alumni at the alumni dinner. Photo taken by Christina Tree-Lasiloo

Altogether there were 48 of us in attendance. What a blessing to see so many alumni and to be able to show our love and appreciation for them through praying for them and providing some resources for their ministries! I so enjoyed the opportunity to visit with nearly each one.

Several alumni at the alumni dinner Now I come to you with more prayer requests as we approach the end of the year. Here is an outline of what is coming up in May:

  • May 15-17 Final exams (including music recital on the 16th)
  • May 19th Student Ministry Showcase
  • May 20th Commencement

Please pray with us that God would be honored and glorified through these events and that the students would be encouraged to continue following the Lord with passion and integrity.

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God bless you all for your faithfulness to the Lord and to me.