Hey there,

In September we went down to only 3 of us here in Tucson… but our home was NOT empty-ish for very long! Paul has now started referring to “our AirBnB” when talking about the calendar and who is coming next. We bought this house in 2004 specifically because it was perfect for hosting family and friends and it still is!

Above is 29C, the plane that needed new avionics (the specialized computers) and an engine. Well, that is moving along nicely and completely paid for!

Paul working on the wiring

Paul spent many days all scrunched up under the instrument panel to get that ready for installing the avionics.

Paul and Silas!!

And this other guy pictured here is Silas… yep, we now have “Paul & Silas” in the hangar along with Tony. Paul’s goal is to have 29C in Mexico by this March. Please pray that this can be accomplished as you will see in the next section why 29C is really needed in Mexico!

Paul, Dave, Juan (Avionics specialist who supervised the installation) and Tony.

Quick look into the cockpit of 29C:


This month 901 experienced a hard landing during a routine practice flight in Mexico. The two UIM Aviation pilots on board were not hurt, but the airplane sustained damage that must be repaired. Thankfully, no one else was on board.

Please pray for our team as we work through the effects of having another aircraft out of commission. We are asking God for wisdom as we deal with insurance and make plans to retrieve the aircraft from Mexico. This is a big job with many challenges and we are not sure when the timing of this will work out.

We know that God has a plan. Our hope and trust rest on God’s promise. “And we know that for those who love God all things work together for good, for those who are called according to his purpose.”
‭‭Romans‬ ‭8‬:‭28‬ ‭

This incident happened the week before our Safety Audit with MSI (Mission Safety International). Wow! That was a LOT to happen in a 2-week time, and it was quite overwhelming! The audit went well, and we are thankful for the safety God has graciously given to UIM Aviation.


Bethany, Filipe and Jade are doing well in Lynchburg, VA., where Filipe works for Liberty. Bethany continues as Office Manager for UIM Aviation.

Matthew & Karizma are enjoying serving as Co-leaders for the Youth in their church. Matthew continues with the San Diego Sheriff Dept, and Karizma for Dr. Jeremiah’s Turning Point ministry.

Gabriel and Ruth (girlfriend) are both students at Liberty University. We enjoyed having them home for Christmas this year. Gabriel is completing a Business degree with plans to use it in ministry wherever the Lord leads.


Miriam is now applying to be a short-term English missionary/teacher at SYME Korea for the 2024 school year. (School of Youth Ministries in English) She will be raising monthly support for the year, so if you want to be part of that, please let her know at mltimblin4@gmail.com

Jesse (9th grade) sure loved having Jade here for 2 weeks in January. FaceTime has been a wonderful thing for us as we are able to stay connected with each other no matter how far away!

The campfire picture is on New Year’s Eve in our back yard…this is my type of camping: Nice roaring fire, cool breeze, then a good hot shower and soft bed!

2023 started off at a crazy pace for us and we don’t really see it slowing down. It’s daunting to look at the calendar and see that it is so full already, but planning ahead sure makes things go smoother. Thank you for praying for us as we serve here, and for giving of yourselves and finances to be part of our family and ministry. We send you our love from the desert of Tucson.

Paul & Laurel