It was still snowing yesterday but today is fairly calm and a bright blue sky and warm sun promise that God has not
forgotten to send spring even here in northern Arizona. I believe we broke the record for the snowiest winter with 162.6 inches as of yesterday. Compare that to last year’s 56.2 and you know God has finally looked on our need for moisture and chosen to grant our prayers. Thanks be to Him!

The students and several staff are still on the Ministry Immersion Trip in South Dakota but will start back toward Arizona on Sunday. Please continue to pray for their unity as a team, for safety in travel, and for lasting results in the lives of individuals to whom they have ministered. Please pray they would return spiritually refreshed with a renewed commitment to follow Christ with all their hearts.

Spring break will take place April 3-9. Classes resume on April 10th. Please pray the students and staff on the trip will get some rest before then.

April will be a busy month for me with eyelid surgery on Monday April 3, planning for Life Coach training on the 20th, our spring missions conference the 25th through the 27th, and an alumni dinner on the 28th. Thank you for praying as God brings these things to mind. Thank you so much!

Blessed Resurrection Day to you all! He is risen indeed!


Martha Gushee