Vision of the Past:

March 27, 1974. It has been 49 years since Sandy and Steve’s motorcycle accident. We crashed at the Meyer Circle Fountain that night, and we were both thrown through the air by the impact.

The first vehicle that Steve stopped at the scene, to keep them from running over Sandy who was lying on Ward Parkway, contained three doctors. They were on their way home from a medical convention. The doctors assessed her injuries and immediately started CPR. Sandy was not breathing and her heart had stopped beating. They were able to resuscitate her within minutes of their arrival. Both of our parents met each other for the first time that night, at the hospital. Sandy was 16 years old at that time. Sandy had amnesia, and Steve was the only one she knew. Steve had a separated shoulder. God has a plan for each of our lives – even when we do not understand – and wants us to continue to obey Him!

Information from the Present:

We keep busy with activities at church and caring for three people who we are designated as power of attorney for. God has given us good health to share our life experiences with others, and we lovingly care for the elderly – those older than us 😊.

God has led us to become a part of Journey Church International (JCI), in Lee’s Summit, Missouri. We are laboring to help people take the next step in their faith journey. Sandy has been volunteering to check in new children who are attending for the first time. Steve began with proofreading and editing the Growth Track material that the church is using, for new members. He has also helped with some light maintenance around the church. We both attend a Wednesday night Bible study where we are studying through the book of Galatians.

This month we were asked to help facilitate an Intentional Parenting class on Sunday mornings, with about 30 people attending. A second class began last evening with 48 people signing up. We are excited to see these young families incorporating biblical concepts that are bringing positive changes. We have been asked to teach a pre-marriage class for those who are interested in being married at JCI. There are four couples signed up for this class beginning April 16th. Please pray for us to have words that are “fitly spoken” (Proverbs 25:11) – the right words at the right time – to strengthen and guide others.

We continue to lead a water fitness class (Aqua Buddies) on Tuesday and Thursdays each week. God is allowing us to make a spiritual impact into the lives of others at the gym, while keeping ourselves physically fit. I met a man who says that he is a Noahide. He lives by the 7 laws of Noah. Please pray that he will recognize Jesus as Jehovah’s Messiah.

Prayer for the Future:

We prayed daily and often for eight-year-old Ian Romaine, the son of Jonathan and Hannah – missionaries to Spain. He had DIPG (, childhood cancer, inside his brain stem. We prayed for healing and God healed him spiritually. He came to recognize his need for Jesus as his Savior and he desired to be baptized. During those 11 months, Ian said that Jesus was his hero. Ian wanted to go back to Spain, where he was born, to tell his friends about Jesus. He was able to see his wish fulfilled just weeks before his suffering and pain ended and his miracle had come. We were able to attend Ian’s funeral service. Jonathan and Hannah had worked with us in Papua New Guinea in 2008. Please pray for the family, as they celebrate and mourn, that their faith would be strengthened, and that they will trust God more fully. Funeral service:

Malachi Greve is now home! He is the son of Josh and Jodie Greve, missionaries in Brazil. God has reversed a trifecta of E coli bacteria, kidney failure, and heart failure in 40 days. Please pray for Malachi’s complete recovery as he now goes through the physical and emotional healing process.

Please pray for our Grandson Zane. The doctor thinks that he has costochondritis – an inflammation of the cartilage that connects a rib to the breastbone.

Listening for the trump and praying,

Steve and Sandy Aholt