Dear Ones,

Thank you sooo much for the part you have in our lives and those the Lord causes our paths to connect to day by day.

Wow, soooo much has been going on at “The Homes of Ethnos360” which used to be called the New Tribes Mission Retirement Center.

Our hearts are happy but also sad as our Winter Volunteer Season is nearing an end for 2022-2023. We call these Volunteers Snow Birds, who come from all over the States and even Canada. They live in their own personal RV’s as we have an RV section here for them to hook up to. We have a Club House they can use for washing clothes, and kitchen facilities for morning and afternoon breaks, other kitchen needs.

What a blessing these folk always are. Some are couples while there are some single folks. During this time, so many work projects are accomplished, that are not able to be done during the normal year, with our limited full-time staff here. We love our staff and are sooo thankful for them, as they work tirelessly day by day, and even 24 hours on call for emergencies. During the year, we also have local Floridian Volunteers who are awesome also!!


The volunteers have worked on electrical upgrading projects, renovations on duplexes, massive concrete road repairs, landscaping, bridge repairs for us to walk on, repairs on a drainage pond, and much more. Then there are the volunteer ladies who give of themselves to cleaning windows and fans in over 64 duplex apartments – we call these ladies the “Merry Maids” as they are sooo cheerful in all they do. There is also extra cleaning to be done up in our assisted living building.

How thankful we are to the Lord for these folk and for the Lord’s protection in all the jobs they have been involved in. We look forward to many returning later this year, and even for the Lord to raise up new Volunteers to join the ranks!

Some of you may remember when the NTM Language School was located in New Zealand, in the 1970’s, for five years that Charlie became an amateur radio operator. He was actively involved in a local club there, using it as an outreach. He has kept his license all these years, and recently joined a local club and is enjoying becoming part of the group, and setting up equipment to be on the air! One older gentleman had extra equipment and gave it all to Charlie!!

I know that Charlie would appreciate your Prayers as he is enjoying this involvement the first Thursday of each month and interacting with the members of the club and also talking with other amateur radio operators around the world!!!

Following is an Update of Cherrie’s health situation!

God Bless each of you,

Charlie & Cherrie

Cherrie’s health update March 15th, 2023

Cherrie saw her cancer specialist on Thursday March 9th. Her blood work continues to be good, except her hemoglobin was down a little bit. She found a vitamin that has iron in it so has started taking that, as iron is not usually in vitamins. The GREAT news is that on August 1st, her cancer doctor has said she can stop taking her cancer drug which she has been on for seven years!!!!!! The pacemaker is working fine, and it appears that the Watchman they put into her heart on February 6th is doing well also. On April 6th, a TEE will be done to make sure the Watchman has settled well in the appendix in her heart. If it has, she no longer needs to be on the blood thinner Eloquis, which she has been on for a few years. The TEE stands for Trans Esophageal Ecco Cardiogram, where they go down her esophagus and can see that all has healed after the implantation of the Watchman. She still has episodes of AFIB, which the heart specialist is addressing with medication. We are both tired, but are gaining strength day by day. Thank you all so much for your Prayers and continued Prayers!