Dear friends,

I know I have been fairly absent with my updates these past few weeks, and I apologize for that. This past month has been filled with a lot of ups and downs that I would love to share with you. I feel like I have been battling a cold this whole month and losing the battle!

As you know I left for England in the middle of February, but the week before I had a terrible cold that left me bedridden for three days and I started a new job. Let’s just say the short time before I left, life really hit the gas pedal. Praise God that I arrived in England healthy and ready to be thrown into the deep end, and I was. The day after I arrived the church was doing a fourteen-hour watch party of the Lord of the Rings, which I definitely couldn’t pass up! Right from the start I was busy meeting everyone and understanding how the ministry is run.

West Kirby. The mountains in the background are in Wales!
Walk to the bus station
Downtown Liverpool. This is the graveyard for the Anglican Church.
Michael, an apprentice with AT3, with Pastor Hugh.
The interior of the church, Hoylake Evangelical Church.
Chatting with one of the church members

The people were so kind and welcomed me graciously into their homes. I got to have dinner with four different families and be a part of a women’s tea party! Some of these pics are courtesy of a church member named Paul who was a big help to me. I stayed with Pastor Huw, his wife Gloria, and their two kids Adda (7) and Emmie (4). The girls were so sweet and filled with so much love! Adda almost brought me to tears when she left a note in my room asking to be a supporter.

The hearts of the people within the congregation are filled with the desire to grow God’s kingdom. I know I have shared a lot of the information on how England is a Post-Christian culture and how the church is dying, but it was so crazy actually experiencing it. The reality is harsh and there are so many ministry opportunities that I’ve never even thought of or just plainly took for granted. I think I held a certain level of expectation for what the ministry would look and run like, but I had to adjust them. The state of the church is like nothing I have ever experienced before, if I am being honest I was fairly overwhelmed the first couple days because of that reality. Thankfully, God centered me and guided me through all the unknowns. I know this is somewhat vague, but I am still processing everything and that was another reason I have waited to give an update. That and I have yet another cold that has thrown everything off.

I have a meeting scheduled with Huw, discussing more thoroughly what my role is and if it aligns with where I have seen God leading me. I never really had a chance to have the conversation with him while I was there because he is the pastor there is only one other elder at the church. I will continue to update with a clearer picture of my time in England and the continuation of my relationship with HEC.

Support raising has definitely taken a back seat this month because of everything that has happened. Unfortunately, because of inflation in England, my budget has had to be increased and I am now back to 30%. I have to really kick it into high gear and rely on God to help me achieve 50% by the end of March. I realized finally that I can’t do this all on my own. God has gifted us with the body of Christ, brothers and sisters, for a reason! As fellow followers of Christ, I ask for help. God is calling me to relinquish control and follow Him wherever He leads, which is a lot harder said than done. But, that is what I am trying to do and where you come in. If there is anyone you think would be willing to hear my story or share in the passion of ministry, I will meet them. If there is anything holding you back from supporting this mission, I would love to meet and talk more about that. God is calling me to England and there is nothing that can stand against His will. I pray for the confidence and boldness to be willing to stand up for God and His will.

This link will take you to an online donation portal at our mission site if God is leading you to do that.