Yep. God continues to send moisture to drought-stricken Arizona. As of yesterday, the total snowfall for this winter
season was 142”. That’s approaching 12 feet! I’ve been able to get a good full-body workout shoveling day after day. The Picture above was the view from my front window a few mornings ago when we received another two feet.

Earlier this winter when I walked through the commons area between the buildings I met our newest security officer, pictured at right. I appreciate the students’ humor that helps restore perspective!

Since I last wrote we have had several sobering experiences that remind us of God’s protection and grace and the reality of the spiritual battle in which we are engaged. During Serve Day at the end of term 1, two students and a staff member were involved in a multiple roll-over accident. Praise God they walked away with minor cuts and bruises and one student with a concussion. On the same day an IBC van with ten students, driven by a staff member, on their way to Phoenix to serve at a conference, encountered a vehicle speeding in the wrong direction on the interstate. God protected them as well.

I was able to fly out for the Orlando conference one day later than planned, after three canceled flights, and flew back a few days later without interruption from storms. Thank you for praying. I was blessed to attend what was left of the conference.

Please pray with us for God’s protection and blessing on the Ministry Immersion Trip scheduled for March 24 through the 31st. The students and several staff will be going to one of the darkest places in the United States, working among the Dakota people of South Dakota.

Martha Gushee