Greetings all,

Team returning to the village to get permission from the village head

These have sure been some exciting days to live in! I wanted to give you an update from our January 20 request for prayer for the new Wana outreach in the village of “Chosen Water.” Since that time two men returned to the village to obtain permission from the “village head” to begin teaching. He was very supportive of our beginning this new outreach in his village so just last Wednesday the very first teaching team was sent to there to begin the teaching!

Thumbs up for the teaching to begin!
The first team to be sent to the new village

Pak Sidi writes: “Please be praying for our teaching. They are very happy to hear God’s Word which we have started to teach them. We started teaching them in Genesis 1 and are now up to the story of Noah. We have been 4 days and 4 nights teaching non-stop, only stopping for meals because that is what they are asking us to do!”

Some of the people who are meeting for teaching
Missionary Pak Rizal (with the hat on) sitting with some of the men from the new village

There are two Wana churches working together on this outreach. They have chosen multiple teams who will be taking turns each week traveling and teaching the people there. We are very grateful for your continued prayers for this new outreach, as Satan is not ignorant of what is going on. So pray for the teaching teams and also for these folks who are hearing the gospel for the very first time.

My plans are still to depart for Asia Pacific in mid-March, and looking forward to rubbing shoulders with these folks once again! Jeanne and I will appreciate your prayers too as we work together to get everything prepared for my departure. Thank you so much!

God Bless,

Ed & Jeanne Casteel

Church Planting Asia Pacific