Dear Special Ones,

G’Day (GOOD DAY in Australian language) from us here in Florida!!

We love when it is Christmas time, celebrating our Savior’s birth and also hearing from soooo many through emails, cards, and messages on FaceBook!! You are soooo much in our hearts, and Prayers! God Bless you “ONE and ALL”!!

We trust this finds you keeping well, and strengthened in the Lord!!

We hear of storms all over the states – flooding and lots of snow!! I (Cherrie) love snow, but Charlie only likes it in photos!!!!! Winter weather here in Florida has been up and down – the lowest in the 30’s but often up to 84 degrees!! One morning when Charlie shared a devotional in our Chapel, I looked around and had to laugh as soooo many of the men had shorts on, while folks up North have their winter woolies on!!

In January I had a routine local heart doctor appointment which went well. He even said I could come off the digoxin I was on, for which I am HAPPY!! Next week, February 16th, I see my specialist in Orlando for a follow-up on the pacemaker he put in on November 8th. It is working well. The atrial fibrillation still acts up, some, but not as bad as it could be. We will ask Dr Duran if he could put a “Watchman” device in my heart, which means I could come off the blood thinner, Eliquis, I am on. Google “ Watchman” to find out more about it!! It is a gadget that is like a filter for any blood clots that may occur!

Our energy level is doing some better, though still a bit up and down. With us being 77 and 78 years old, we are told that is normal!! Thank you soooo much for your prayers which mean soooo much!!

We rejoice as we hear of unreached people groups clearly hearing the Gospel, and the Word of God being translated in their Mother tongue!! Then presented to them in hard copies is AWESOME!!

We keep involved at Churchfa

and people’s lives here at our retirement center as we can. Charlie volunteers to help at the receptionist desk up in our Assisted living Building, and sharing occasionally in the chapel times there, and also preaching at Church.

We thank the Lord for your love, prayers, and care for us, and the part you have in our lives and ministry to those the Lord has us rub shoulders with!!

Charlie & Cherrie