Dear Special Ones,

Well, here it is the beginning of another year and we trust 2023 will be a year of ENCOURAGMENTS from our Lord for all of you!!!

Lots of BLESSINGS this past year seeing family in Kansas, Georgia, and the Lord also opening the door to go to Australia to see family and co-workers there!!! MEMORIES MEAN SOOOO MUCH!!!!

Lots going on with health issues: Cherrie’s heart difficulties resulted in a pacemaker being put in, on November 8th. Her overall health has improved a lot for which we are thankful. Then over Christmas, we both had a chest respiratory infection for two weeks that caused our get up and go to leave 🙁 Now we are doing much better! On February 16th Cherrie sees her Heart Specialist, in Orlando, for a follow-up for the pacemaker.

We love writing, but we may be cutting back on how often we send our Updates out by email, which we know you will understand!

In some ways, it has been a sad year with soooo many friends passing away, BUT we rejoice they passed from death to life with their Savior, Who they all loved and faithfully served on the home front or overseas. We trust the Lord to encourage their families, day by day!

We rejoice as we hear of unreached people groups around the world being reached in their mother tongue, with the clear Gospel message “that the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ.”

We thank the Lord for your love, prayers, and care for us, and the part you have in our lives and ministry to those the Lord causes our paths to meet!!

Charlie & Cherrie