Homeward Bound!

One of the last meals at the care facility. Once in awhile I was given a plate to eat with her.

The tidings went all over among the residents of the Rehab center. Some said, “You’re lucky, Corinne!” Others said, “What a blessing for you,” and “Congratulations, you’ll be home with family.” Yes, home because Judy and Jim and Heather have prepared for us a place. Family because there will be 6 of us. What melding and rebonding there will be, and Grandma Corinne will join in as well as she can.

The men prepare to lay blocks to cover ground between the street and the cement base of ramp.

And the needed ramps that we mentioned have been built, so we can wheel the wheelchair street-to-doorway using one of them, the other one covers two steps inside the house. And we will rejoice about that with a triple-purpose meal on Saturday with the builder, our local friend Paul Osbourne and his wife, Donna. It is for mission accomplished, for two birthdays, and to welcome Corinne home. Oh yes, birthdays? Judy’s and mine, on the 7th.

I know you pray for our health. An answer to prayer today is this. I got up with a dreadful headache. They have become worse, and I almost called the doctor. I knew I was in for a busy day getting arrangements finalized for Corinne’s departure. However, 4 Ibuprofen tablets took care of it, as well as cancelling the Bible Study group I usually lead.

Then started a busy, but wonderful reunion with my wife. Most of our time, between medicine/vitamin doses,aiding her in personal care, and visits by nurse and physical therapist, we face a lot of unpacking, sorting, getting rid of financial records, letters, clothing, music, and books.

Pray that we will get settled enough, that I can get back into the Hamtai Old Testament translation project. My translation editor and finalizer, Jim Jora, is still not allowed by church leaders to do translation work. I believe that removing him for a time from both going around as a Bible teacher and translation work was the proper move, but after a year or when he has proven himself faithful, I hope they allow him to do translation work. He would work at home, and there, be able to teach his family. They should allow him to attend local church services, where they are able to help him to get back on track and be an example to everyone about how to deal with sin in the Christian’s life.

Love, Tom and Corinne Palmer