The snow is coming down hard as I write. They said we were going to have a dry winter this year, but they have been
wrong so far. While where I live has not experienced nearly as much snow as the west side of town, we have been blessed with good moisture recently, especially during the monsoonal season when flooding was a huge issue on this side of town for those living where the fire had already caused such devastation.

Life is full of change—the seasons, the weather, even our physical bodies. From taxes to health insurance, investments, and my status in society (as a “senior”), as well as in numerous other ways my life has been one of upheaval and change over the past several years. The main reason I took time away from Flagstaff this past summer was that I might seek the Lord amid these changes and gain His direction and insight for the future.

The sun is out now, and a strong easterly wind is clearing my driveway. I like to think God is shoveling for me. At night when the motion-sensor solar light comes on as I approach the porch, I like to think God has turned on the light for me. It is a good reminder that no matter what changes take place around us, God is still watching out for us, is still in control, and is still good. I am calling on Him to grant me the wisdom to navigate these strange, uncharted “waters” into which I have involuntarily stepped.

It is my desire to be fully honest with you, my faithful, loyal supporters. I want to be a person of integrity, to the best of my ability as a sinful human being living in a sin-devastated world. It is for this reason that I am writing to let you know I will be receiving Social Security every month, starting this month. It is too small an amount for me to cover my current level of expenses, but it will provide a significant boost to my income. I am also stepping back from 40+ hours per week at IBC to 32, Lord willing. I am cutting back on some of the things I have done at IBC for, in some cases, as long as 30 years. There is a certain amount of angst associated with these changes, but also a measure of relief. I am not “retiring,” as long as God continues to provide good health, plenty of energy, and the mental clarity I need to fulfill my ministry and calling at Indian Bible College. I have experienced better relationships with the students in recent years than in any previous years and am still feeling gratefully fulfilled in many respects. More and more students are interested in music and have the aptitude to excel than in years past.

I am planning to take most Fridays off, starting this semester, and utilize the extra time to get involved in a mentoring program in the local community, to be involved with my immediate neighborhood on a more consistent basis, possibly becoming more involved with my local church, and for business-related activities that cannot be taken care of on weekends. I will need to research options and determine the most effective use of the time I have left on this earth, in addition to serving at IBC. I would seriously appreciate your prayers for God’s direction and for the provision of godly advisors in this process.

God has blessed me with a generous and abundant balance in my support account at IBC. In my 40 years of ministry, I have NEVER lacked God’s financial provision. Thank you so much for being a part of that! But now I don’t have the
same level of need that I have had in the past. To remain at my current income, I will need to continue receiving 61% of the support I have been receiving over the past year, in addition to Social Security. That means 40% of my support could be redirected elsewhere and I would still be able to live at the same level I have been privileged to enjoy this past year. I would like to suggest if you believe God is leading you to redirect your support that you contact me with that information. I would love to see a portion of my support redirected to another IBC staff member or the Native Staff Development Fund at IBC that would provide needed financial assistance for Native staff.

As we embark on a new year filled with promise, fears, and hope, and uncertainty, may we find God to be our steadfast Rock, our unchanging Redeemer, and our faithful King.

Gratefully still serving,