Dear Family and Friends,

A whole lot has been happening in our lives here in Florida as we minister at the retirement homes for our missionaries. I will try to be as brief as possible and yet give you some ideas on how to pray for us and our folks here.

Sculpture by Jerry Anderson

We have had several homegoings in the past few weeks. This included a lady who lived in a duplex as an independent resident as well as a “retired” gentleman who was still volunteering mornings at our home office. These two individuals joined their spouses in heaven. A Latham Center resident also met Jesus face-to-face in the past few days. A wife left our Latham Center a few months ago and moved into a long-term care facility in the local area where she passed away this past week. These last two left behind husbands who are still residing in the Latham Center. Of course, we know that all 4 of these individuals were welcomed into the arms of Jesus and are released from their pain and suffering. Even so, they leave behind many children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. Being a part of our New Tribes family means that our staff and residents here are deeply affected by all these happenings. Prayers would be greatly appreciated.

Brian and his family left this morning to head up to Indiana. They are planning to be in Papua New Guinea in January to start their ministry with an unreached people group. Brian has been part of our housekeeping team for close to 2 years. He worked about 30 hours a week cleaning and doing maintenance in the Latham Center. The rest of his time was spent helping our maintenance team on the property. He is going to be greatly missed, but we know that God is leading this family as they head out to be a part of seeing “a thriving church for every people.”

I took Brad to the Emergency room on the 25th of October due to extreme pain. He had several serious medical issues and after many tests, these have been addressed. After spending 10 days in the hospital, he came home this past Thursday. Home health care nurses continue to monitor his progress and give IV antibiotics to fight infection. Please pray for healing, strength, and grace. (Others have stepped up to cover Brad’s work responsibilities during this time of illness.)

We SO appreciate you and the part you play in our ministry.

Brad and Wanda Hull

Serving at the Homes of Ethnos360 in Sanford, Florida