Dear Special Ones,

This year sure is flying by!!!!! We trust it has been an Encouraging one for you!!! Hurricane Ian sure devastated a lot of Florida! A few blocks from where we live, Lake Monroe is still in flood stage with road closures!!! Homes have been destroyed and lives drastically changed!!! We were and still are safe. We did not lose power, but mainly horrible rain and wind. We are sooo thankful for the staff here. They are sooo caring and worked sooo hard to clear the debris, so the property is lovely and back to normal.

Soon, I (Cherrie) will be having a pacemaker put in to help regulate the low pulse I struggle with! That will be done in Orlando at noon that day. So, we appreciate your Prayers and continued Prayers!! After that, the specialist will address the high rapid pulse that flies up to 120 at times. So, with the high and low pulse, that has been why I am sooo tired at times!!!

I saw this question recently and am responding to it!!


One day as a small child I (Cherrie) heard the hymn, “The Old Rugged Cross.” It has been in my heart since then!!! Another day I heard the GOOD NEWS of Love and Forgiveness through JESUS CHRIST. Believing, it changed my life! Having no follow-up for a few years, I stayed a baby Christian. A year after Charlie and I got married, both our lives changed as Charlie also put his faith in Jesus Christ as his Savior. BECAUSE OF ALL JESUS DID FOR US, our hearts were burdened to reach others needing to experience God’s Love and Forgiveness through His Son Jesus Christ. THAT IS WHY WE STILL DO WHAT WE DO!!!

We are encouraged knowing wherever God has planted each of us, He can use us for His Honor and Glory!!

Thankful for each of you,

Charlie & Cherrie