Dear friends,

IBC is now halfway through the semester, and it is going well. I’m teaching a lot this semester, but am greatly enjoying my interactions with Freshmen in Human Relationships, Sophomores in Introduction to Christian Ethics, and Upper-classmen in Crisis Counseling. The annual student prayer page is coming next month–please continue praying for IBC students.

The family and I will be doing a good bit of traveling over the next two weeks. I’ll be speaking in two conferences: Mission ConneXion in Phoenix, AZ with Daniel Esplin and Mosaix in Dallas, TX with Coreen Esplin. Please be praying for these meaningful ministry opportunities.

Finally, we are greatly privileged to have Steve & Celestia Tracy, founders of Mending the Soul, coming to campus in two weeks. See attached for the invitation to that event. Sarah continues to coordinate efforts of the Native staff who are re-writing the Mending the Soul materials for Native Americans; we plan to begin “beta-testing” the materials next semester. Please pray for this important work.

Flood damage before and after the work party

The season of fires and floods is finally over, and we are grateful for the Lord’s protection and provision through this challenging time. We are also incredibly blessed by the care of God’s people. Just yesterday we had 20 “strangers” from a Flagstaff church come help us recover from some of the flood damage. See before and after pictures to the right. Please continue to pray for meaningful opportunities to serve and share Christ with our neighbors in the
aftermath of this challenging season.

As we’ve shared frequently over the last 3.5 years, Abby has had undiagnosed and unremedied abdominal pain. Each attempt at figuring out what is taking place has resulted in disappointment—and sometimes greater pain and discomfort for Abby. She is more physically limited than ever…but is more Christ-like than ever! We praise God for Abby’s strong faith in the Lord and her positive attitude through these trials.

The next two weeks is our next step in the pursuit of answers and remedy: daily pain therapy treatments. You can learn more about the “scrambler” treatment (and the clinic we are going to) here. Please be praying for this to have an effect; we are about out of options, and so the (very expensive) Mayo Clinic looks to be the only solution, should the scrambler therapy fail.

Here are two pictures from Abby’s 16th birthday party, held just one week ago. We had a lot of fun with the pirate theme and Abby smiled almost the entire time.

Before the meal we did a prayer of blessing for her, pictured bottom right, from people important in her life (right to left): her youth leader Lanora Bigman (one of Sarah’s best friends, IBC graduate and staff member), Abby, Mariah (good friend and daughter of IBC staff member Josh Manning), and her 14-year-old sister Lizzy.

As always, your partnership with us means the world to us–thank you!

Dr. Jason Koppen
Indian Bible College