Dear friends,

First off, here’s some prayer needs for PNG – Maliyali

Foundational Bible teaching continues at Maliyali. The book of Genesis is full of teaching on the character of God and His loving care for people. Here are some of the key truths taught from the early chapters of Genesis:

– God is supreme and sovereign
– God is omnipresent and omniscient
– God freely and repeatedly puts heart
– God made man in His image
– God is creator
– God is communicator
– God is all powerful
– God is judge
– God is the only one who can make a way back to Him
– God is holy and righteous
– God is faithful and does not change
– Man must have faith to be saved
– Man cannot save himself
– Man is a sinner
– Satan is a liar and a deceiver
– Satan hates God and fights against Him

This week the missionaries will begin teaching the Maliyali on the Law / 10 commandments. We do so need to realize that we are “lost” and totally unable to save ourselves before we can truly understand the salvation Jesus
has purchased for us, paying our sin debt on Calvary! We can be praying for the Maliyali this week, that they too will realize that their only hope of salvation is in trusting, and believing in the “Road Cutting Man” the only one who can make a way for us to be right before God.

Meanwhile back at the “ranch” i.e. SEMO: I would say that nothing much of interest is happening but several of you expressed an interest in details of my life so …

This past week the church I attend here in Poplar Bluff did a “4PB” week. Probably around 20 teams went out to different locations around about the Bluff, with various opportunities to let people in the community know Jesus loves them and cares for them in the situations they are currently facing. Some handed out gas cards. Others paid for loads and loads of laundry at neighborhood laundromats. Others did painting at the local schools, or made meals for first responders, put together packages for military men, delivered boxes of food to low-income residents, or did yard work for families in need. My aged intellect is drawing a blank on the focus of many of the other outreach groups! One team zeroed in on finding the homeless and giving them not only backpacks filled with necessities but also kind words and encouragement to hopefully draw them to the Savior. That was the goal. To let people know that God sees them in their needs and is on hand to help them.

I joined a team visiting at one of the many nursing homes round about our town. We had gift bags to hand out to the residents of an assisted living center, and gas gift cards for each of the staff. Though we had been told they were on Covid shut down we were pleased to see that restriction had been lifted the day we arrived! It was lunchtime. Everyone was gathering in the dining room. This made it “easy” to find everybody – and any we might have missed as they were still en route to lunch, their tablemates made sure we provided for them too. So sweet to see them caring for one another! One lady told me, “We’re all like family here.” Another was so thrilled to find a Word Search book AND a pen in her bag that she tackled it forthwith! “You brought me something! It doesn’t matter what it is, you brought ME something!” Some VERY simple things brought obvious joy to so many! Wow! Through this we may have inroads for future more personal visits. “Pat” has no family to come to see her. “Martha” just got a possible cancer diagnosis. Others on the team formed bonds with additional residents. We look forward to being God’s hands to bless these dear hearts in the future too with His compassion and love.

Got a chance to get a beautiful hike in

My Brother Dan had a week off work so of course tackled yet more house upgrades for me. Blood, sweat and tears went into replacing old ceiling fans. He remembered back during his teenage years having a prominent lawyer friend (father of some of the children my mother did babysitting for) help him install the first fan 2 score years ago.

From that mentoring Dan has learned to do so many useful and helpful things. God truly blessed our family when he gave us Dan! He also dealt with the outside security lights that had quit working.

My grateful thanks to those of you who are still sending support as these upgrades have been financed and provided by YOU! God knows the needs even before I do! He has prompted you and you have been sensitive to
His leading so YOU have been a vital part of seeing them met. My gratitude goes out to ALL of you for your continuing interest and prayers. You are more of a blessing and encouragement than mere words can convey! Thank you! Because Christ came and is coming again, we have …. HOPE !!!!

Hope Sharp

Retired NTMPNG