Greetings all,

I have been here in the province now for 5 days. I kind of hit the road running as we had team meetings with one of our missionary teams the day after arriving. I have really enjoyed my time here in the city being able to visit with many of our ex-pat and national missionary co-workers. This afternoon the electricity has been off – black/brown outs are very common here and something we have to get used to. I am glad for my “headlamp” to use in my dark room, and thankful the cell phone service is still working today. With it, I am able to create a hotspot and still get online to do email.

The last couple of days have been busy getting ready to go into the tribe, as we will be leaving by helicopter Friday morning our time, which is Thursday evening in the USA. My time in the tribe will be taken up visiting 3 different villages. The first village, where we will be going tomorrow, is where Jeanne and I lived for a number of years, so looking forward to getting back to our stomping grounds. The second village is where we will have our Bible conference, and the third village is where a large wedding is planned for the daughter of one of our Wana co-workers. It looks to be a packed full-time for sure.

Please be praying for our team as we make these visits – pray for health, strength, and that we will be a blessing and an encouragement. I will also appreciate your prayers for Jeanne as she holds the fort at home. I will be out of contact with her for the next three days for the most part. We will have a couple of SAT phones along with us for emergency use and I may even sneak a text to her from time to time 😊. Thanks so much for being a part of our team…..we sincerely appreciate each of you and all the prayers on behalf of our ministry with the Wana people.

The new believers meeting this past Sunday. This is the motivation for these types of trips.

God Bless,

Ed n Jeanne