Dear Special Ones,

Wow, time flies!!! Here we are with another update so you can more effectively PRAY for us!!!

We worked on this update last week but decided to redo it after having two Doctor appointments this week. There is another appointment with the Specialist on the 15th, but would appreciate your continued PRAYERS!!

I took Cherrie to the ER on August 12th with her heart racing again – Atrial fibrillation. Her heart had been good for such a long time, but they had to admit her to the hospital until Wednesday, August 17th. They were going to zap her heart to bring it back into sinus rhythm. They had her all hooked up to do the procedure, and the doctor came in and said he could not do it because her heart had just gone back into sinus rhythm!!! The next day they discharged her. She came home on a new medication to help her for a month. She is on a 28-day heart monitor, so her Heart Rhythm Specialist, in Orlando, will see him on September 15th, after the monitor is finished!! She has not had a heart attack, which is good!! They feel it is an electrical problem, with the possibility of needing a pacemaker put in. We both appreciate your continued PRAYERS!!!

Interesting, while in the hospital she had a number of folks on the medical team: – one from Pakistan, China, the Philippines, Thailand, Puerto Rico, Guatemala, Haiti, and of course Americans – ALL WERE A GREAT TEAM!!! We are on Medicare as our Primary Insurance and have an excellent Supplement! Recently though, we were frustrated with two repeated procedures that Medicare says they only cover once in a lifetime – an abdominal aneurism ultrasound which makes no sense!! The other one looked down Charlie’s esophagus. The doctor’s office never told us we would be charged again, or Charlie would not have had them done again!!!!! The esophagus test had to do with a tremor Charlie has in his voice. Our biggest expenses usually are prescription medications, some of which have recently gone up in cost – one 5 times in cost and one 10 times as much – which is shocking – but they do help her!!!! We do not normally share such information, but know you Care and PRAY for us, which we certainly appreciate!! Thankful our FATHER knows all about this before we do!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

On Wednesday, September 7th, Cherrie had her six-monthly Cancer checkup, which went REALLY well. All the blood work was normal, for which we thank the LORD, and for your PRAYERS!!

MANY years ago, when our son Ben was in his teens, he went with a work group to help make a video of the work with the Tugutil people in Asia Pacific region. We recently saw that the Tugutil Bible has been published! It looks like a celebration with the Tugutil people is to take place in October!!! WHAT REJOICING THAT IS TO HEAR!!!

Though Charlie had retired the end of last year from leadership, where we go to church, he is still very much involved, even having the opportunity to preach recently, which he loves doing!! He also helps from time to time as a receptionist in the assisted living building here at the Retirement Center where we live! We both love being involved in the lives our Father has our paths meet day by day!!

Cherrie’s 60th Class Reunion is the end of September, up in Massachusetts, but we are both still getting over Jet Lag returning from our time in Australia, and continuing to work through medical situations, so we are not going to the reunion.



Charlie & Cherrie